Balrog Army @ EVO



hey…anyone making it to EVO this year?


*raises hand


woowoo…guess the Balrog army has been skimping on the bike money…


ima be there.


I’m going… but not competing. Ever since Arcade Edition came out I’ve been playing a lot less. Twins+nerfs…

But at least I’m going right?


meh, i’m mainly going for experience, it’s kinda weird that this will be my first major :[ . If nothing else, i’ve really understood in the last couple of weeks that i lack a lot of experience, period.


I competed the last two years. It’s a big pain in the ass. It took me like 6 hours to play my 8 matches last year. At one point there was like a 3 hour window between matches. Make sure to be on point in the wait and get your rest.


I’ll be there repping Rog. Yeah last year was bad but with the new evo structure we shouldnt have huge waits in between matches. Hopefully that is!


ya, i had to change my flight when i found out pools start @ 8AM, any idea when we get pool assignments?


it will be soon after registration closes on the 18th. i was talking to mrwizard about this a while back. he was telling me that there are going to be pools of 16 people, and they will be starting every half hour on the :00/:30. he is hoping that each one won’t take more htan 30 minutes, but we know how tournaments go.

but if it is as good as it sounds, you really only have to be hanging around for 30 mins or so once your pool starts. that will be nice if true.

it’s my first time to vegas and I plan on doing a lot more than hanging at the rio the whole weekend heh.


lol, that’s the plan for me as well, i’m staying until Tuesday morning. Heard the conditions outside are scary, i mean i’m from houston, but Vegas is a different story i think.


I will be repping Rog this year. I am under the name pepe silvia


cool beans! how’s everyone’s pool looking?


Horrible…I didn’t too well against Deejay. It made me salty all day.


Was it the vortex or just DeeJay’s “keep away”? I went 3-2, got lamed out pretty hardcore by Noel Brown’s Claw. Its my fault for not catching onto what he was doing within the first 10 seconds though.


Yea looks like all the rogs got blown up at evo this year =/. Sucks I couldn’t have made it but I probably wouldn’t have done any better than most of the good rogs anyways. Good shit repping a heavily nerfed character tho. =)


Actually, it was both.


i went 3-2 as well, lost my first match against Air, then some chun in the losers semi.

didn’t help that my joystick malfunctioned in the very first button check, so I had to use a joystick i wasn’t used to. and that really hindered me because I have a pretty custom stick that I use. not saying I would have done much better w/my own, but I did drop quite a bit using the other one.


What pool were you in?


22 at station 3 at 10am.

gooteks was directly accross from me at station 4 at 10am heh. didn’t go over at all to watch em though.