Balrog (Boxer) Beginner's Guide

Don’t do that to yourself. Sticks are inexpensive anyway. What’s 60 bucks nowadays anyway?

pads are for tekken… you know since its a 4 button game its a viable setup. I still think wavedashing is easier on a stick but that’s just me. Don’t cripple yourself with a pad, regardless to popular belief you need more than 4 buttons to play sf4 and shoulder buttons lack the sensitivity that the already not that sensistive face buttons have. Sticks are cheap and not that hard to come buy. Hell you can find one of the original U.S. tekken 5 stick for 20-40 bucks. It’s not a great stick but it’s good to learn on and hori buttons aren’t all that wretched.

Hey guys, good stuff here… 1 question though

I want to start using balrog and had a question about the headbutt > ultra that i see in videos.

How do you do that? How do you get a 2 second charge for your ultra right after you do a headbutt?


The best way I can explain it since more people have played 3s than anything is … can you do urien tackle tackle etc combos ? That’s basically it but you have to learn how to incorporate it into your whole game a.k.a always being charged.

Basically lets say you want to do a dash punch. You charge back, then press forward then press punch… however the game system allows you to charge back , press forward, then press back and hit the punch which still allows your dash punch to come out while retaining your charge.

so you could do either

Rush overhead punch ( remember to keep your charge ), link duck short, headbutt ( but instead of charging down, then up, you want to charge downback then press upback, then punch, then shift to back) WALLAAAAA your easily charged for your ultra. Wait till their character is at about head level and your good to pummel them.

you could also, jab jab jab, headbutt , ultra

Around 12:30 what’s the combo he does in the corner after the guard crush?

Thanks for all the tips Pervert / Jay, they’re extremely helpful.

I’m under the assumption / impression that it’s better to link for all of his combos instead of canceling?

Um its dash> s.roundhouse [link] s.jab xx Ex Rush Upper [link] c.jabx2 xx headbutt

Are you sure you can cancel c.lp into headbutt?

I think the motion explains it best so:

Charge downback. After two seconds roll the stick upwards to upback+any punch, this gives you the headbutt. Make sure that you hold the stick in the backwards direction during the whole motion. Once you land perform the ultra motion.

In street fighter iv and other sf games, the game engine allows you to store the down charge and the back charge simultaneously. The game engine also allows you to keep the charge if one of the opposite charges is used like in the situation above^^^. So by holding the charge in downback, charge is ready for either headbutt or one of boxers rush punches, super/ultra. By holding the stick back during the headbutt motion the back charge for the ultra is maintained allowing it too come out once boxer has landed.

Yep I do it all the time. What you can’t cancel is the c.jabs they have to link into each other in order to cancel into headbutt. If you want you can do c.jab [link] c.short xx heabutt after the ex Rush Upper.

Thanks Pervert_Q and ToOoOomeke, that makes sense…

I was already aware that I could hold down-back for the charge but didn’t know I could point the joystick up-back and then punch to get the head butt. I thought only the charge could be diagonal and that I’d have to tap straight up and punch for the head butt. So once I land all I have to do is tap F B F 3punches right? of course assuming I’m still holding my back charge throughout the head butt…

Its easiest imo too do F B F 3kicks and then drum the kick buttons while the ultra is goin. This gives you all the uppercuts

Does anyone charge partition with balrog? If so, can you guys tell me setups for the timing on it.

I can do it on 3S fairly well, but the timing on this game is just fucking weird. If any of you know, much thanks.

Did some experimenting the past few days and found out WOW WOW WOW

balrogs ultra is so fucking flexible it gives me a boner

regarding comboing into ultra

Drumming kicks and or mashing does not always yield the best results and so far it seems

if you headbutt combo into ultra midscreen just holding the kicks down will yield as much damage as you can get


if your closer to the corner and depending on character size etc, holding the kicks might make you pass under them, which makes you whiff and lose damage

so far what I’ve been doing is holding kicks for about 70% of the ultras combo and then release the kicks for an intentional straight punch whiff which can’t juggle, then re-pressing kicks for the last juggle ( which is totally worth it and you dont whiff and force yourself into the corner)

next section

regarding ultra as an anti air

holy holy shit

holy shit

mind games

if you hold kicks for up rushes, the hitbox on his fists seem to be enormous, so you can anti air people where they think the height would make it impossible and after the initial hit you can release the kicks and whiff about 0.5 sec of the ultra and repress kicks to get the rest of the juggle hits.

so needless to say

experiment, experiment, experiment

I caught so many people off guard who thought hey, im gonna meaty jump in on balrog… NOPE, hold kicks and ride that shit out…

someone accidently jumps back then you hit ultra and they think HA, I can jump over your ultra… NOPE… let the initial regular punches come out and if they attempt to jump, hold kicks and anti air them.

in theory, at least IMO if balrog has an ultra you have your opponents jump on lockdown which allows you to dominate with your solid ground game.

I hope this makes sense, I’m on low sleep atm, and a bit delerious lol

One question that I have though if anyone can confirm

Someone mentioned that after a standing rush punch hit on coutnerhit you can link a duck roundhouse… I haven’t managed to get it to connect so far.

and also

any ideas on crumple stun combos after FA

the few things i do so far

  1. jab jab jab jab, rush punch
    or EX standing kick rush and duck short, headbutt

2.back dash and do overhead rush , link short, headbutt

I had entertained the thought of doing TAP which by the time it comes out it will hit the opponent and make them reset… haven’t tried it yet though… might be worth it.

on sagat, blanka its not that it doesnt work but the spacing can be tricky

on sagat you need to OH REALLY REALLY deep in his grill, I’ll generally EX version just to make sure im deep in that.

on blanka… about the same thing but it works better if you can just catch blanka trying to FA and use it as a guard crush… his crouching hitbox is fucked… I hate it… so much

what’s up with that semi infinite DSP did.

is it ex kick charge ~lp, mp. ex kick charge?

Its ex Rush Upper(kick charge) xx Ex Rush Upper…You can keep going until you run out of ex meter but two loops is the max you wana do. Each loop after that does about the same damage as a single jab. Damage scaling is super high in Sfiv

[media=youtube]loR54lzqS98[/media] combo is at the 35 sec mark

Boxer Combos

Boxer Combos and Damage Output

Heres a start Jay

The average character has 1000 life points i.e. Ryu, Ken…The numbers are based off the opponent having Full Life At the beggining of the combo

  1. J.HP/HK > S.HK > C.LK xx Ex Rush Upper > C.LP ~ C.LK xx HP Headbutt

  2. J.HP/HK > C.MK ~ C.LK xx Hp Headbutt

  3. J.HP/HK > C.MP xx Hp Headbutt

  4. *JHP/HK > C.LPx3 xx Hp Headbutt

  5. **LP Overhead Rush ~ C.LK xx HP Headbutt

*This combo sucks.STOP USING IT NOW!
**LP Overhead Rush has the fastest startup of all versions.

EDIT: Woah some of the damage calculations are definitely wrong will fix soon

I have a question about boxer in general.

What are the differences between turn punch and his charged punches. They seem like the same move with different executions.

Do all EXs in the game have armor or just Boxer + grapplers or what?

I keep seeing “mash or hold kicks during ultra” Does this turn the move form a forward attack to a juggle, or just do more damage?

Also, is his standing fierce still retardedly good?


Does c.lp,, Fierce head butt really gain enough to super after using EX upper? (combo 1)

  1. His Turn punch(TAP) has slower startup,can go thru projectiles, has different hit and guard advantage, varying degrees of damage and stun depending on level and has amour breaking properties…so basically its a completely different move.

  2. No

  3. This makes the uppercuts come out instead of the straight punches. The uppercuts juggle the opponent whereas the straight punches drop the opponent.

  4. Not ST good but still alright