Balrog (Boxer) Beginner's Guide

I assume you mean gain charge so yes it does if you buffer the charge similar to doing multiple tackles with Urien or b.uffered sonic booms with Guile. The hard part is getting enough charge for the headbutt. If you have charge for headbutt you have charge for super/ultra assuming your doing the motion right.

Got to play with Balrog quite a bit yesterday… FUN!

Only had a little trouble against a Sagat that kept spamming fireballs… high and low mixup… then as I approached with either, buffalo headbutt or TAP or EX rush he would catch me with a tiger knee or uppercut. Some advice on this?

Also… what combo (most damaging of course) would you use when you have a free attack? Lets say ken whiffs an uppercut and you’re just waiting for him to come down. What combo would YOU use if you had charge? What would you use if you didn’t?

I tested out the ultra quite a bit and Pervert_Q is right on. Juggling with uppercuts often whiffs towards the end of the ultra esp in the corner you go under them, so letting go and holding it again at the very end yielded better results.

Thanks for the help guys!

he means do you gain enough meter off of those moves to be able to do a super.

and the answer is no i’m pretty sure…

i wouldn’t know tho i just use the ultra.

sagat… don’t rush him down immediately. Let him throw some tiger shots and absorb a few with focus to get some ultra meter. Stay away until you regain the grey life, repeat until he tries to come in on you. Use that opportunity to wait and punish anything he tries to do. Obviously if he attempts to jump at you… d. FP. Anti air resets and lets to get some momentum for a solid rush down, just dont repeat your block strings the same way everytime. EX upper rush kick is a decent weird anti poke for example. Sagat gets in close but you get your duck jab first and so you either start a combo or start a block string, at about the time you’d try to link something, most good players will try to punish a missed link, so miss it intentionall and use ex upper kick rush to super armor one hit and cream them, then link some shit after that. You just have to play really carefully and NEVER jump in unless you know it’s 100 percent safe. Aso, being able to reversal punish shit with headbutt off of block stun is really nice. Usually if he does a super safe tiger knee and I block it I’ll try to duck jab > link duck strong etc etc… about your safest option or just walk up throw

If someone misses an srk I usually

jump in RH, duck strong, lower rush punch for knockdown with no quick recover

or I try to mix it up


jump in RH, duck forward, walk a little forward while i still have a little frame advantage, duck short, duck jab, jab, link strong, GO FOR OH ex rush punch

then you do a real combo… all that stuff above is just block strings ill use to get them afraid enough to take an overhead

also can mix up with throws, and max range taps

techically you could do

jump in RH, duck forward > link duck strong, lower rush punch but I mess that up a lot.

also if you have ultra and they make a big mistake I’d always go for

OH dash punch, link duck short, headbutt > ultra or

jump in RH, stand RH, headbutt > ultra

LOL I just realised what he was saying um and to answer the question it says you can in the mook so i guess it does gain enough meter.

I don’t really get it. It seems the same as giving someone both Ryu and Ken’s version of the Shoryuken because the do sliightly different damage you know? I’m probly just gonna ignore "TAP"4.

New question:

Can your opponent visually tell whether you are doing the overhead or sweep version of the dash punch? That seems insane if not.

TAP is a completely different move than the other rush punches that Rog has in his arsenal.

In addition to what Toomeke has already said:

  • TAP has armour breaking properties (breaks SA/FA). Regular rush punch can not do this.
  • TAP offers Rog a way of moving forward and still maintaining a back charge
  • TAP can be done without having to charge back. In other words it can be used in situations where a rush punch can not be. ie: after: walking or dashing forward.
  • oh yeah and, TAP can GO THROUGH PROJECTILES.

The differences of all the moves have been outlined by me in the first post of this thread.

Feel free to play Rog without TAP tho, let us know how that works out for ya.

To me, the start up and rush portion of the punch looks the same. It’s just that the windup for the overhead punch has ALOT of startup and it is fairly easy to react and block it if you are ready.

walk up tap really effs with scrubs hahahaha, right through their fireball poke.

any tips on linking the c. short -> headbutt after the EX overhead rush? I can’t get the c. short to connect after the overhead =/

The OH Rush has to hit at like point blank range or otherwise the c.short will wiff. The window to link is pretty big I wondering if c.strong will link after OH rush??? If you hit them out off range then just follow up with c.roundhouse.

I use tap pretty sparsely, just because it can be punished easily. I will use it when I see a free opportunity for damage or to put someone in block stun for a bit, depends on the spacing too.

hey jay, do you land regular oh dash punch often and if so… is jab the best one to use. I generally get reversaled when I even try other than EX oh.

i land it a lot. i do it MAD early tho

There could be a chance that this combo might only work on certain characters as well. Viscant claims (see Blanka thread) that this combo won’t work on Blanka because he is “too short” and thus has a smaller hit box.

I haven’t been able to confirm this though at the arcade. Surprisingly, I never use this combo with Rog (although now that I think about it, I really should). I just always do sweep afterwards =\

By looking at the frame data, overhead punch gives you +10 on hit. That means all of Balrog’s crouching normals can be linked afterwards. However this is also dependent on whether or not if you are in range.

If the OH punch was a counter hit, then you will have an even bigger window to link a normal afterwards.

When the game first came out, I was getting into the bad habit of doing full screen EX OH dash punch. It worked for like a week and then people figured out to either block high or reversal me :sweat:

Now I only use OH punch to mix up block strings or one trick I like to do is after a max range lvl 1 TAP, to do an EX OH punch.

EDIT: I posted this without going back through the thread to see that it had been answered. Luckily, I have something else to contribute. OH combos don’t work in Balrog mirrors, so it’s OH into sweep for him too.

Yes, Blanka is too low to the ground to get hit by the headbutt. Cr. short will still connect, headbutt whiffs.

Some other characters who are weird off the top of my head, Guile and Sagat. I think the same thing happens to Guile where the headbutt whiffs, or maybe the entire cr. short whiffs. I forget, something’s off tho. Against Sagat, i know the cr. short whiffs if you aren’t at like the most point blank range. Fuck Sagat.

So against these characters I switch to OH then sweep. Sucks.

yea I haven’t had much success with tap into OH, ex OH works pretty well from time to time. I just wish there was something with enough block stun that a regular oh wouldnt be too terribly unsafe. About the only thing I’ve found that works is really meaty duck strong and if the duck strong hits, attempting a regular OH is reasonably safe.

good question!

anybody know what boxer is saying during his ULtra? sounds like “GO SK?”

No Escape?

man these balrog threads are ghosttown, i guess that’s a good thing.

i don’t really have too much trouble with any specific characters, just better players.

what’s up with that horse sound he makes doing headbutt? i do that move way too much just to hear that sound.