Balrog (Boxer) Beginner's Guide

It’s “no escape” for sure. That’s always been what he yells during his super startup for the most part.

will be posting vids of our first austin sf4 ranbat, hopefully tomorrow.

I got 4th >< , which isn’t that bad :slight_smile:

I’m glad I’m not the only person who does this.

TAP is not to be messed with

tourney vids

me vs jon lo

part 1 - [media=youtube]Xh4aoMxMNS4[/media]

part 2 - [media=youtube]3c_Osrka5PQ[/media]

vs fubarduck

part 1 - [media=youtube]5O0vMIBirBM[/media]

part 2 - [media=youtube]Dm3OLr5_I3o[/media]

vs sev

part 1 - [media=youtube]41MrDOGvMEc[/media]

part 2 - [media=youtube]LVeEwDAJwh0[/media]

vs jan

part 1 - [media=youtube]iCldHpuYeMc[/media]

part 2 - cant find part 2 for some reason

anyway, not my best playing but it was a tourney so I played a bit different than normal. Jan raped me because I do not know what to do against gief yet.

great game pervert_q… just noticed that a you didn’t connect a lot of ultras after the headbutts.

bummer vs. gief… but that’s how a lot of my matches against gief go as well. we need some more tips for this match up.

When I have played gief and won there were alot of jumping fp (bot strait up and forward) sweeping and dashing back. The strait up and then fp will beat lariats cleanly if spaced right.

ex 360+k with gief will beat dash punches (think the normal does too for some of them) and takes you out of your for me at least this was always a really long match. also watch for that kick where he moves a huge portion of the screen. i always had to jump back fierce to get out of throw setups.
mainly i would say learn what your opponent does (does he always tick with jumping knees… ect) and don’t get baited/rushed into making mistakes

has anyone else seen this from this thread

crazy good match and some weird stuff with sa

=( hmm can’t find that video…

wow i just watched that before lunch (like an hour ago) heres what google translate says about the error (looks like its down for maintenance)

Translation: Japanese  English

Niko Video
I’m maintenance.
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11 / 1 was the final qualifying Kumagai is a magician in the area. Uncle Boy (SAGATTO) vs Briefs Boy (bison) for the next tournament 11 / 8 (Saturday) at 25, the first Intermediate (PP15000 less) and is scheduled to perform non-discrimination in the class.

also if you don’t have nico you can use this link

I downloaded the frame data pdf and I’m kind of confused. It says a good combo for rog is c.lpx2 [link] c.strong xx dash punch but it says the c.lp gives u +7 and c.strong is 7 frame startup. Does that mean you don’t need a +1 advantage for a link in this game? I also don’t understand the whole hit recovery and guard recovery part.

Isn’t the rule for links always frame advantage must be higher than a normal’s startup frames for there to be a combo?

7 frame startup in the sf4 master guide means the 7th frame is the first hit frame, not that the 8th frame is the first hit frame.

So that means c.jab [link] c.short is a 1 frame link? Damn, that’s gonna take some practice.

yea I wasn’t fully on my game that day but oh well. I’m actually switching to chun now because with rog well… it’s hard to have success with him without taking some risks, because if you want to play fully safe you have fairly limited options, and gief… is…a … bitch…to … fight… with… rog. I would play gief since he’s my fav sf char of all time but he doesn’t feel like ST gief so I have a hard time dealing with that. I like my gief hard to play :frowning:

Pieguy, Cody:

Thanks for your discussion. I will have to correct some of my posts and the stuff in the guide to reflect that the last frame of the startup frame number is indeed the first active frame of the hit box.

Are any of balrog’s combos fairly reliable? Like all I’ve seen in is:

c.lp [link] c.lp [link] c.lp xx headbutt (will strong/fierce/ex headbutt work?)
c.lp, l.lp [link] c.strong xx headbutt (1 framer is pretty strict, any range restrictions on headbutt?), c.lp xx headbutt (what lvl headbutt again?)

I was watching some replays and it seemed like c.lp, c.lp, xx headbutt all connected. Is that reliable on skinny characters like Chun?

It just seems like all of rog’s combos are all fairly strict links and I’m trying to keep it simple cause trying to land c.lp [link] c.strong is giving me a lot of grief. Might try adding in, c.lp xx headbutt cause it seems pretty lenient.

His most reliable/easy combo is c.lpx2 [link] xx hp headbutt. It will connect on all characters if done up close and to link the is pretty easy. For the headbutt always use hp. Lp and mp will miss sometimes because of the angle and hp does the most damage. ,c.lp xx hp headbutt is pretty good as well

I have been watching alot of vids and I have one question, Wouldn’t it just makes sense to always hold kicks after land a headbutt to ultra. So you land all the rush uppers and take off more damage? I have seen one upper then two straighs and the last is upper, am i missing something here?

Problem is they don’t always land depending on when you start it or mainly your position on screen. Switching to the Punch version for only the second hit is the best way to get the rest of the hits in the corner.

Random Comments on Balrog vs. Gief

Yea, so I haven’t been posting much fer this sf game, been busy, tired.
My balrog is pretty good, pretty much a refined version of CvS1 balrog with smart usage of headbutts. Vids of my winning a tournie in hawaii last weekend will be up sometime before the end of time.

So yea, balrog vs. gief thoughts:

  1. Never jump, seriously, yer dumb if you do. If you jump, yer jumping AWAY and then hitting fp or rh to smack a lariat in the face. NEVER JUMP IN ON WAKE UP OR ANY OTHER STUPID SHINANIGANS. Gief just needs to knock you down once, and a good gief will make sure you won’t get up again.

  2. When getting up, if gief is close to you, smartest strat is to backdash. If you get predictable, however, gief will start to use the glowhands (fireball killer thing) which will hit you, and if ex, will knock you down, startin shit all over again. Rule of the game, JUST DON"T GET KNOCKED DOWN, which means you have to play safe ALL THE TIME!.

  3. Use the clock to your advantage and space the match. Winning by timeout is awesome, fuck losing.

  4. Gief should never be allowed to jump at you, d+fp, or standing strong (prefereably d+fp for damage) lets you end his air game.

  5. Any time gief does the glow hands (ex or otherwise) and you block it, you have a guaranteed throw. Abuse that, or gief will 360 yer ass, and then you probably die.

  6. To control the ground, standing FP works well, but watch out for random lariats, cuz they own all yer shit.

  7. To punish lariats, you have several strategies. If gief is right up on yer ass, you can pretty much only do jp headbut, or balrogs ultima, but if you do the ultima, YOU MUST HOLD DOWN KICKS OR YOU WILL BE OWNED. Do not do a low rh when yer too close to the lariat, you lose. I think (though I rarely try cuz headbut is safer, that if yer close enough to land a ducking jab, yer jab may hit and you can combo, but frankly im usually too scared fer that shit, and I recommend headbut or ultra. Also, Don’t forget that best easy way to punish lariat is the EX Rush upper, which can lead to a low jabx2 headbutt, combo. I don’t recommend the straight dash, as even with the EX, too often I have had my ass handed to me by the lariat, which is random, cuz it seems like 50% of the time the ex rush straight can beat a lariat, and the other 50% is loses. Hence, ex rush upper is your friend.

  8. From a distance, if not charged, best way to beat out the lariat is low rh, but once again, be careful, if gief lariats exactly when yer low rh hits, lariat wins, and you get knocked down :frowning:

  9. Stupid gief standing rh tricks (the one that goes over year head and then he 360s or supers. Don’t sit there like an ass, hit low fierce or standing fierce, as long as you aren’t the slowest dumbass around, yer hits beat out gief’s rh, and you knock him a bit away, allowing you to control the ground again.

  10. Overall strat: Control the ground with s fp or s rh, never ever let gief jump at you, and wait that shit out. Being aggressive against gief = you lose, and you suck, so don’t be fuckin stupid.

Please comment, I admit I ain’t a genious at this match, but I’ve pretty much figured it out as best as I can. Hell, I recommend using bison against gief, and just use the fake headstomp all day, use rh for anti-air, and DO NOTHING ELSE. (ok, hyperbole, but you get the point).