Balrog (Boxer) Medium Punch in AE

Okay, so I’m just not getting how Rog’s newly buffed close medium punch should be incorporated. I’ve read the threads about how it can now be combo-ed, but I’m having a hard time buffering a charge to cancel into a special. I’ve finally just begun getting the timing for links and cancels down, but it is difficult for me to keep a charge when standing. Can anyone provide a detailed description of combos, techniques,and scenarios that incorporate this newly buffered move?

Sorry if this is a redundant post, but I really can’t get a good grasp on it based on what I’ve read so far.


I wouldn’t worry too much about incorporating close mp into your game quite yet. It’s not a normal that Balrog gets to land too often, so you’ll mainly want to focus on mastering the timing for other links and cancels.

That being said, cs. mp is a pretty good frame trap that forces your opponent to stand(setting up rush upper loops or sweep combos). You can link a standing or crouching jab and proceed to the combo of your choice. It’s best used immediately after a crouching jab, or on a confirmed jump in on a crouching character.

Bottom line: If you’re rog execution is on point, it’s useful for setting up a tick throw/cr. tech counterhit mindgame, but is pretty garbage if it gets blocked so do don’t want to rely on it too much.

Thanks man, that seems like good advice. My execution is getting better the more time I spend in the practice room, but I don’t think I’m quite there yet to incorporate it into my strategy just yet. I just read a lot of hype on it and wasn’t sure if I was doing anything wrong. If you ever want to school me on PSN my tag is DahcDerron. Hit me up and let me learn!

For example:
j.HP ~ c.LP ~ cs.MP xx Special
c.LP ~ cs.MP ~ c.LP xx Special

Basically best way is to combo it from a close c.LP. If it is blocked, you’ll get a nice frame trap. If it hits, you can link the cs.MP and continue with that. It is a 2 frame link so it is easier that for example c.LP ~ c.MP.

I’d personally suggest you to get comfortable with charge attacks in general first. I’m a BB player and am way better in SSFIV than I am on BB because I really worked on my fundamentals before getting started on learning combos (unlike BB…)

Like, the biggest combos I could do back in the days were:

  • j.HK, cr.HK
  • st.LP (x2) ~ cr.HK

Charge characters can feel awkward at first, but it quickly becomes natural. Try doing consecutive dash punches. Get used to holding down back instead of only back, because everytime you walk back, you give some ground to your opponent… And that’s not what you want to do with Rog. Anyway, if you want solid play, get to know his normals and get comfortable with constant charge attacks before hopping onto combos. Too many people just learn combos straight out and can’t pull 'em off due to bad fundamentals.

I hope that you’re going to succeed using him!