Balrog c.lp c.lp into ex upper cut using a stick

I’m having trouble pulling of Balrogs C.lp C.lp in ex uppercut using a stick. After i land the second c.lp i hit my stick in the right direction (which i think i am) it either never comes out or he does his dash low smash. What am i doing wrong here?

Hmm… I don’t really have that problem your talking about but maybe this can help you. At first the combo was a tad hard but after practice it got really easy. Try this way.

charge db>c.lp>c.lp>s.lp>ex upper(charge db immediately after finishing the ex upper input)>c.lp>c.lp>into what ever.

Make sure you go from downback to forward exactly when you ex upper from the c.lp’s. Usually people have the problem that while they’re holding db, when they proceed to hit forward+kk for the ex upper, they might hit df instead of forward. That’s what causes the low dash punch to come out.

use forward+up + kick instead of forward+kick

What’s s.lp? i’m still learning the game. LOL

oh, Standing light punch.

You get the rest.

My fault bro lol. Habit to type like that now.

if it isn’t coming out when you have the back charge, it’s because you’re not linking the jabs. you can’t cancel the jab from the first jab and then cancel that into a special. i would suggest using a linked normal from your jab to know that you’re linking and not canceling. at least until you learn to link your jabs.

Not coming out- you are not linking that last c lp
dash smash coming out-input priority is in favour of dash smash. They will fix it in SSF4. In the meantime, use B, UF+KK for your ex Upper in combos

I had this problem last time as well, It doesn’t comes out meaning that. You cannot link c.lp, c.lp + ex move.
You have to c.lp, delay like 0.2sec or something like that. Then lp + ex move. It will count as a combo still. Simply, it acts like a reset.

I’m my opinion stop using c.lp to Dash Uppercut entirely.
Instead c.lp > > Dash Uppercut is just as easy timing wise without the worry of making sure your last c.lp is a link.
Also, if youre having a problem with accidentally do the smash uppercut use up-forward instead of just forward and just bring your stick back to down to continue whatever combo you’re trying to do.

The timing is strict…I prefer to use c.lp, >dash upper…but you still need to link the normals.

I never understood why people used c.lp, c.lp xx, don’t you get more charge time with c.lp, Just seems smarter unless you’re linking into c. strong.