Balrog Character Analysis

Hey guys, I play on the UYG PSN livestream a lot and they asked me to do a character analysis on my favorite character Balrog. Its pretty long, as I try to get in depth while also sharing my opinion on the character and how he plays in 2012 edition. I hope you guys enjoy it, and please give me feedback!


I will be doing an advanced tut next week on Rog ( I’m Dmac0424)

We were both supposed to do this one but Wade forgot.

Btw,jab into sweep is NOT A 1 FRAME LINK

0_0. . . . . .what game are you playing?! Check the frame data, jab is +8 on hit and his sweep is 8 frames. . . .wow. I’m not even sure If i wanna see you advanced tutorial now. . . .

lol, holy shit. Probably wasn’t paying attention. I pull it of too easy I guess. I’ll be doing it Thursday. Want to help? As we were both supposed to it originally any way

wow, that’s incredibly long lol. i’ve got four hours of work left though.

That was very helpful- nice work man!

Well worth though,

Guys, any MUs you want me to cover in the advanced tut this thursday?

Ryu, i’m in the process of gathering opinions of the matchup for a project i’m working on.


Lol, 3n1g, I’m doing a MU and advanced tut for Rog this Thursday. I 'm also part of the UYG group as well. So I’d like to know what Mus you’d like covered.

I may make it a multi serious tut

Sagat please


Abel, how to keep him from starting his mixup game.

I like how UYG comes in here.

[]don’t get knocked down
]don’t block a f+mk
[*]use st.lp liberally
It’s kind of a thread jack, but generally those three things prevent abel from starting his mixup. If you don’t do any of that, that leaves abel with, that’s all he can do at that point.

How exactly do you follow number 2? lol its a lot harder than it sounds

Honestly, in the Balrog/Abel matchup it requires a bit of downloading to figure out what your best option is after a f-mk/wakeup. Weather it’s neutral jump, back dash, block, ex dash, or headbutt. This is just one of those matches that you have to play differently depending on who you’re playing. You can’t really depend on not getting hit with f-mk. It’s more defendent on what kind of mind-games you make for the Able player after you get hit with it.

all of that is harder than it sounds, but those are his three ways to start his mixup, and by knockdown i mean getting hit with TT, falling sky, a sweep, a throw etc. Abel doesn’t have really good mobility (imo), so for him to land a f+mk, he’s going to be pretty much within sweep distance. Some abels will put you at a max distance block string with and then pepper in a f+mk. There’s enough frame gap for you to ex.dash (which he can’t avoid punish after the f+mk input). You can also headbutt etc. after getting hit by it he only really has one easy anti-backdash option and that’s cl.hp, falling sky can punish neutral jump, punishes any mash etc.

it’s completely possible to space him out the whole match, it was easier in super though. (example, this is probably why that attack got nerfed, abel and zangief had no answer)

Good information, and since we are on the topic of matchups. . . . .how do you deal with the akuma matchup? On wakeup it seems that a balrog has not options against the demon flip palm. Any tips?

Balrog is still free on wakeup with meaty demon flip palm, but now you can block low and ex.hb or ex.dash straight afterward to beat his options. so it’s not as scary as it used to be. After a blocked palm, he can to low profile ex.hb (i think either recovers fast but i don’t think it low profiles), or dp fadc forward. hp.dp beats ex.dash straight (5f of invincibility), but ex.hb beats non-ex.dp.

You still get O/S to hell with meaty demon flip palm (i think the setup is now fwd.throw, fwd.dash, slight pause, mp/hp.df-palm), so do your best to always block it or if you think they’re going to fuck up the O/S use lp.hb. The big deal is that they can’t remove ex.hb as a threat since we can maintain down-charge, so you’ll see much more demon flip throw (not sure how to beat this if its meaty atm though, i don’t think he can O/S after df-throw, so you may be able to backdash and punish).

I think the key is to get him to play a lot of ground-game, since the easiest options for akuma is to do whatever he can do to lead to a knockdown whether hard or soft, so lots of,, pause, sweep,, walk forward throw. He’s a fuckin’ escalator (Dat walk speed :[ ). Matchup isn’t as hard on the ground or in the air, Balrog has decent counters, but on wakeup, he’s fucked, so block and eat the throw. if he does it.

ex tt is strike invincible but can be thrown, and regular tt cant be throw but loses to normals right? if abel is putting pressure on me, theoretically i can mash jab right? once abel has me in a mixup im a sitting duck