Balrog combos and other helpful stuff

I went through all the threads here on Balrog and found alot of good info which I cut and pasted and made a sort of Balrog file. I picked up Balrog recently just because I really like the feel of him (in a totally professional manner of course :stuck_out_tongue: ). I like him because he plays so well on the defensive (I like the way he has a lot of options), I like the fact that people on XBOX Live underestimate him like a mofo or haven’t even played him much B4 and I especially like the fact that this helps because so many people stick to throwing fireballs at Balrog when he’s sitting on Level 3 and WHAMMO… Gigaton Blow…then it’s time for his next opponent. “I GOT PAID” :smiley: (the funniest was a guy using E.O. C-Groove with Rugal, U. Rugal, S. Akuma)

I’ve picked up a few combos but I was wondering if anyone has the time, can you list a few more helpful combos or maybe point me in the direction of where I could find this and more info. Most people would say Balrog and I are a pretty good match (cause I pretty much still suck at this game) but I think, and have read quite a few people’s thoughts also, that Balrog can be used quite successfully against even top-tiers. I just want to start off in the right direction.