Balrog Combos and Strats

Since there arent any other balrog threads…i decided to start this one… post anything about balrog and his strats like what are his main pokes…safest anti-airs and people who duck under his dash straight.

whan should i use gigatan blow?

u can use in many different situations…after most projectiles, dont know about guiles though and after cr.rh’s like the shoto’s…gigaton blow is fast so people will fear it while playing u

i play c and n-groove… which one do you guys think is a better groove for rog? thanx in advance

Seriously, Gigaton Blow is like the fastest super in the game, it will punish EVERYTHING that has more than a few seconds for lag. Not to mention it has invincibility for a very long time, allowing you to breeze through fireballs and even lvl 3 supers (provided you did yours just a second after he did his).

I think there was a thread titled “Gigaton Blow’s punishing power”, there might be pretty useful stuff there. I’d go with N groove, his C cancels aren’t that good anyway, and he can make really good use of stock break, but I don’t know whether he should have a dash or run.

yeah,i think n groove is much better for rog…and i think his run is better than his dash by far IMO

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As for grooves, C-groove is the best for Rog. His dash is great, much better than his run. He doesn’t need run for mobility cause he’s got his dash punches. His best anti-air is short Upper. His best pokes are c. strong, c. fierce, s. fierce and c. rh. His c. fierce is an anti-poke. Anytime you think the other guy is gonna stick something out, c. fierce and you WILL beat it. I’ve noticed almost all c. fierces in this game are anti-poke pokes.

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te cpu has done to me a dash uppercut then follow it up with dash ground straight so is this possible? and how you do thatif it is also som rog combos and if i should and if so how andwhenm to use balrog’s crasy buffalo super.
thanx in advance:D

IMO, I’ll rate the groove bar for Balrog as this:

C, P, A, K, N, S

C is by far the best for Balrog, because of the Alpha Counter, his powerful lvl 2 cancel, and his dash is a lot better, and not to mention the air blocking. You can remain pretty defensive in this and P groove (in P, just parry, and either s/c.Fierce). In terms of A, you can be more aggressive, his custom is pretty much a free Anti Air (unless in K/P, duh) and his ground custom does like 8000. For Balrog to really excel, he needs to hold on to a super or custom, because it adds to the scare factor. Lvl 3…well, you can’t mess up AT ALL, the custom also puts the scare in them because they can’t jump in on a sitting Balrog.

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just some b&bs:

c.lpx3, b-f+lk (this combo is not a safe as it should be)
c.lpx2 (3 depending on postioning and opponent size), headbutt

I just wanna add that C-groove is only the best for Rog cause u get meter fast and u can sit on it. Air-block does nothing for Rog (he controls the ground, and his jump sux). His lvl2 cancel is good and everything, but the reason ur using C-Rog is to sit on Gigaton. The second and (last remaining) reason why C-Rog is the ownage is cause his roll is ownage. Roll + Gigaton == ownage outside of turtling, then Gigaton strat.

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should u use rogs headbutt for anti airs…or… could/should you use a jab headbutt then throw? or is that too risky

Don’t use his headbutt as anti-air. Use his c. fierce, short Rush as anti-air. C. fierce is to regain momentum right away (c. fierce while chargin, dash punch to get back in) while short Rush is for knockdown if you wanna play some mind games on getup.

Btw, I was at Wizards yesterday, why weren’t u there? It was fun playing cvs by myself though…it was funny and scary cause the first 2 minutes, I couldn’t do uppercuts, and then i realized it was me and not the controls after…i think the diagnol position of the controls threw me off for a sec there.

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so c.fierce is his main anti air…then what about dash uppercut…what should that be used for

Just letting you know. late airblock-land-gigaton blow is safe and leet anti-air. Also, airblocking a jump in puts more distance between you and you’re opponent. Air blocking is remarkable when used properly. That’s another reason why C is his best groove. Airblock counter for full damage. Also, Rog’s dash is incredible if we’re talking what makes C-Groove Rog dope. But then that would be a list, heh.


Heh. Seriously, not trying to correct you at all but you’re not making sense to me and I’m just helping peeps to understand sheez.

Cr.Fierce is good anti-air but not infallable. Even without a roll I wouldn’t recommend that being the main anti-air. Not that you need anti air with P and K, heheh. RC short rush is his best anti-air for doing damage.imo unless against P and K. Done early enough A groove players either mis the blow through counter or aren’t used to starting the combo like that and they mess up often. Even pretty safe against that. Still, better to bait things like ccs and air supers and use other air defenses for that. You need to mix up between 5-10 of his anti-airs. It’s not as if the same air defenses are prudent in every match and if you don’t switch up it makes it easy for your opponent to adjust. Headbutt is dope anti-air on the way up whether RC’d or not, though you need reflexes. So you DO want to use that as well. Also, you don’t want to rush right after an anti air since that’s the #1 time ppl try reversals against Rog. Best to fake first to show them that they can’t guarantee a reversal if they try. You can’t just be robotic and have a set pattern like that. Especially one that’s so common in every game Rog’s in. That’s asking for a counter or some sort by most with any Rog experience. Be careful when trying that.


come on ppl how do you do that dash mix-up the cpu does? i try and and do it way late… is there any way to do it instantly?

Could you be more specific? I’d try to help but I don’t what you’re talking about:/