Balrog Combos and Strats

If you connect a dash upper from full screen, you can juggle with a gigaton blow. Very impractical in a real match, but it looks nice.

T4, yeah i am going most likely. why? nassim wanted to know or u wanted to know? u wanna go with me? maybe we go together or something? we better train though…not that i need training…lol…

yeah, i’ll tell u next time i go.


i don’t need other anti-air other than short upper and c. fierce. I don’t really even do c. fierce…my anti-air is short upper 90% of the time. anyway, that’s nice thing about air-block gigaton, but i don’t find it useful since the cases where that is useful, the air-block recovery or wtf it’s called has nothing to do with the punishing (ex: u can’t air-block normal which most characters do, but u can stuff like early SRK’s and flash kicks, so if u blocked an SRK or flashkick, u have 10 years to charge, and wait for them to come down). about the dash, i already said he has a great dash. i think that’s all for now.

yeah,I wanted to know if you’re going…and sure we can go together. Hey ive been getting better by playing comps…lol,but i have been getting better. u will c next time we play and for petes sakes GO TO WIZ SOON…george wants to play u in mvc2.But anyways…

Does balrog have a custom? and if he does can anyone tell me what it is and the damage it does?

yeah i will come soon. i don’t thin ur better. u will always suck. yeah, i wanna play george in mvc2 too. and im not gonna tell u his custom cause c-groove is da best.

what i mean apoc is that i’ve notced that the cpu balrog in CvS2 on ps2 ( don’t know if he does this on cube and box versions) he attacks me with a dash staight and like half a segond or 3/4 of a segond he immediatly does a dash ground straight , i was like what the fuck happend :confused: so i’mhere inthe balrog thread
tio learn how to do this asap since he did this i decided to drop sakura from my team and use balrog instead im’ mastering him little by little and wanted to learn how to do ths shit! hope i was a little more specific to you apoc and thanx.

P.S.= i welcome ideas from every on what should i learn to do with balrog first

att. Neo-slasher = balrog newbie

You can’t do that, the computer cheats.

Try this instead, for your top tier skilled balrog tricks!

be half screen away. hit the fierce button a lot

Charge, then go towards, back+button to dash. Now after one dash you’re already charged for another. You can do this on all versions of SF really. It’s just a trick with charging:D


In reference to what CPU Balrog does, I know on the DC it does Turn punch, then dash lower. It just looks like two dash straights.

The CPU has auto charge anyway, ex. the walking flash kick. In super turbo Balrog will go crazy with you in the corner, doing like ten short uppers in a row.

thanx ppl!:smiley: i can do it now but not as fast as the cpu but still it’s good enough speed to me.

by the way what’s balrog’s best custom combo?
and does this dash upper (full-screen) does decent damage or does it hit olny like 2-3 hits and does no damage at all ?

thanx in advance:D

here are my customs…
big people or not crouching…
activate, s. RK, FP straight punch, RK upper x N, s. FP, No Escape!

small/crouching people…
activate, s. RK, c. RK, s. RK, FK upper, RK upper to corner, j. JP x 5, No Escape!

uh what’s Balrogs super level 2 cancel you guys have been raving about, haven’t seen it any of the threads, not even the ones from the beginning.

I dunno, but only lvl 2 cancel i do is into the FP Headbutt, does pretty good damage, but i’d rather just save for the lvl3 Gigaton Blow if it wasn’t a do or die situation :cool: