Balrog Dash Punish?



I’ve been playing Oni for a few months now pretty dedicated and I’ve learned quite a bit, but one thing that still frustrates me is how safe Balrog seems to be against most of what Oni has to offer. I’ve looked around and can’t find any kind of information on appropriate punishes and everybody seems to suggest baiting headbutts, but I really want know if there are any punishes for whiffed or blocked dash straights?

Seems like everytime a balrog misses a straight he goes straight into what I like to call his “jab shield” and I cant seem to stop him, then he just continues his onslaught, eventually pushing me in the corner.

Any help would be great! Thanks.


LP dash straight is punishable at -3 but it’s very easy for Balrog to space it such that it is safe. Reversal DP will whiff because stupid Balrog hitboxes, so you need one-frame timing to land a jab. From there you can go for st. mp or st. mk, the forward movement in st. mk and cancellable MK tatsu come in handy here. This video assumes that you’re using u1 for this matchup. Ultra 2 will net you a bit more damage in the FADC combos.