Balrog/Eli Porter Av request

Can someone make me an avatar with Balrog on one side and Eli porter on the other side? Thanks in advance! Here’s the pics…


and Eli porter (use the right half og this pic for his picture)


I’ll try… Since I just made my own new one today…

EDIT: Done, Lemme put it up on something.


First ever AV done for someone, So I don’t mind if you don’t use it… Lol.

Or how about Eli Porter for Balrog’s face?

Psychosquall should be able to do that photoshop.

OMFG YES!!! good idea!!!


I thought this was funny so i tried lol.

Thank you soo much Monkeyspank lol

no prob xD glad u like it.


Can I get credit for bringing up the idea? :lol:

That is fucking hilarious

Sure you can. And ty it was ur idea lol.

Good job monkeyspank, that is probably one of the funniest avatars I’ve seen on SRK. Congrats to I$aac for receiving the avatar lmao!

Damn, thats classic.