Balrog Frame Data Request

Hi. I’d buy the handbook if I could find one for sale ^^;; I’d really like to know Balrog’s frame data. Can anyone share, or put it on the wiki?

In particular, I’m interested in:

  • cr jab
  • cr.fierce
  • cr.rh
  • lvl1 and lvl2 punch super (close range punisher?)

On a side note, I remember something from back in the day, about using balrog’s lvl1 punch super to TRADE, then follow-up with something immediately. What was the best follow-up? (This part isn’t so important, as I’ll find out as I play)

I appreciate any help! =)

Lotsa Balrog love lately.
That’s a good question though as to where one could find the guide. I think I’ll try ebay.

Cr. Jab: 3/4/7, +4
Cr. Strong: 4/4/13, +3
Cr. Fierce: 5/6/23, -5
Cr. Roundhouse: 7/4/23, -3
Crazy Buffalo (Lv1): 5/4-5(hit)-5-5(hit)-17-6(hit)/17, -8
Crazy Buffalo (Lv2): 5/4-5(hit)-5-5(hit)-5-5(hit)-17-6(hit)/16, -7

Just in case you still need them :D.

Ah thanks =) I’m close to dropping him now , but maybe this info will help…

My biggest problems with Balrog are facing ppl that can duck the standing fierce.

Little height girlies are always a bit of an issue for Balrog; luckily, their anti-airs are not THAT good, so they are easy to handle when you go into air-to-surface mode. I’ll stick with Balrog, as he has proven (at least for me) highly successful in handling common threats like shotos and Sagat.

Yes those are fun fights, but sakura and vega always show up and give rog trouble. Would you mind sharing a lil more frame data? =D

  • close

Sorry for the delay =(

St. Forward: 7/5/17, -2
St. Roundhouse: 8/4/24, -4
Close St. Roundhouse: 6/7/15, +2