Balrog General Discussion Thread



This place’s been pretty inactive lately, and I feel like the whole section has been saturated by little threads here and there for questions that could’ve been easily answered in stickied ones. But then, I’ve realized there hasn’t been an universal place to discuss just about anything as fellow Rog players (or non-players, like me!)

So I thought I’d make it now, A GENERAL THREAD!
Fight away!


… and nobody talks.


Sadly, people still discuss some unrelated things in the Q&A thread, and other ones.


Do you think it would’ve been acceptable to change his SUPER to a P/K ender like they did with U1 in USFIV?
I feel like there are a lot of other characters who will get situations where all of their super will always hit (although there are some that don’t always…). I really think this could help with certain juggles where you can’t get the straight ender.

  • Crazy Buffalo (Super Combo) last hit changes to a straight when holding P, uppercut when holding K.

Was in the change list and I assume it is still in the latest build.


Considering the spacing & timing requirements to beat out fireballs, I honestly would agree with it.

Not only that, headbutt > super sucks outside from midscreen.


It is kind of a narrow buff though. More so a quality of life change than anything.


I thought that was a mis-translation… I’ve been looking around for it everywhere. There’s no mention of Crazy Buffalo being changed in this changelog video.


Pretty sure it was a mis translation, Only the Ultra 1 got changed, Super is 100% fine as it is. Super doesn’t have ANY of the problems that U1 has AFAIK. (Super is faster and covers more distance, last hit is always a straight and has juggle potential etc)


Good to know!

What do people think about U2? I wonder if 3 bars and U2 can lead to any good resets into more damage.


So they took away the buffs I was most excited for. Level 1 tap is still -2 instead of 0 on block, and level 2 is -4 instead of -5 on block.


*- L Dash Straight advantage on hit increased by 1 frame (-2F → -1F)

  • M Dash Straight pushback on hit has been reduced
  • L Dash Swing Blow damage reduced by 10 (80 → 70); stun reduced by 30 (100 → 70); advantage on hit reduced by 10 frames (+10F → 0F); disadvantage on block reduced by 3 frames (-5F → -2F); charge time reduced by 10 frames (55F → 45F)
  • M Dash Swing Blow advantage on hit reduced by 8F (+10F → +2F); disadvantage on block reduced by 1 frame (-7F → -6F); charge time reduced by 5 frames (55F → 50F)
  • Turn Punch charge from Level 2-4 has been adjusted to 2 seconds per level
  • Turn Punch Lv2 disadvantage after block reduced by 1 frame ( -5F → -4F)
  • Turn Punch Lv3 disadvantage after block reduced by 1 frame (-8F → -7F); disadvantage after hit reduced by 1 frame (-4F → -3F)
  • Turn Punch Lv4 disadvantage after block reduced by 3 frames (-12F → -9F); disadvantage after hit reduced by 3 frames (-8F → -5F)
  • Crazy Buffalo (Super Combo) last hit can be changed to a straight when holding P or an uppercut when holding K
  • Dirty Bull (UC2) input command changed from 63214 x2+PPP to 720+PPP; recovery reduced by 10 frames (58F → 48F) after a successful Ultra; throw range extended from 1.09 to 1.30; damage reduced by 149 (399 → 250)*

So if I understand correctly:

Dash Light Overhead is safe on block but can no longer combo on hit.
Dash Medium Overhead can still combo but the timing is harder.
Dash Heavy & EX Overhead are the same AE2012?

I assume its a mistake from Capcom and they meant Ultra 1 instead of Super when they say we can change the last hit?


It stands to reason Capcom hasn’t made up their minds yet.

@HiryuMK‌, Yes. As i understand fierce and ex overhead remain +8/+10 on hit. And the change should be to U1 and not Super.

The mod to strong straight is different, i’ve NEVER seen that before. I suppose it means its like rush upper on hit (maybe?), and the wording on the modification to U2 is significantly different. It SEEMS like its saying that U2 gets less guess oki pressure. For example when you land U2 now you only have enough time to dash straight, but now with less recovery after a “successful” Ultra, we may be able to dash up close to pressure the opponent with something “safer” than a straight to maintain the stun. Turn punch changes are meh without the even on block for lvl1, but if the charge time for lvl 1 has been reduced it’ll be more useful in fireball battles up close.


I just tested Balrog’s Ultra 1 for the new ender.

Finishing with the Straight will do less damage in total: 438
Finishing with the Upper does more damage: 491

So the Straight ender is really when you hit with the tip of the punches. Also noticed for the last punch, he no longer turn around, giving the opponent no opportunity to punish in between the 4th & last punch.


Huh. So that’s why it was looking akward when I played USFIV a few weeks ago. Good catch! Is the recovery the same on P as it is with K?


Okay, i’ve played for all of five minutes, but this is my take on the changes:
*Modification to medium dash straight is gdlk. That’s closer than, you’re like in 3x jab range AND you’re -1. I think if you do an combo ending in mp.ds is REALLY good
*Confirmation that the punch ender to U1 makes the entire Ultra a true block string (up close?), so if someone happens to block it you get a bit more “safe” chip damage, but its shit on block, not a lot of pushback, vs. Balrog he’s in range.
*Red focus combos kinda suck in terms of their practical applications or practical starters. Overhead, medium dash straight, cl.hp (will whiff) are the only ones i’ve found that are relatively consistent. The red focus has the exact animation of his regular focus which has shit horizontal range. mp.ds xx RF seems very consistent though. BUT they do a shit ton of damage, lvl 3 red focus,, xx, cr.lp, xx hp.hb does 536/675 for three bars. 461/625 with lvl 2 red focus. So significant damage there. I feel that’s going to be the most practical usage of meter unless its round 2 and a red focus combo will kill.
*adding a cr.lp to safe jump/meaty setups seems to be the go to method e.g. non-teched knockdown: bwd.throw, fwd.dash, j.hp/, teched knockdown: bwd.throw, cr.lp, fwd.dash, j.hp Going to be very hard to double tap to frame perfect jabs without canceling the animation on whiff. So most of the setups are difficult to do on teched knockdown, BUT they’re all safe (sans the meatys).


You really think medium dash straight is better than mk upper for combos? I’ve already started using it as my no meter ender, but why is -1 better than +1?


No i don’t think its better. But its different. Balrog being -1 means that his frame perfect cr.lp will be beat by an opponents frame perfect 3f or 4f normal/attack which in practice generally means that it trades. I think there may be use for it in opening up your opponent since he’s so close. Think about forcing a crouch-tech and using focus attack etc. I think being able to have two enders, one with -1 and another with +1, gives Balrog some variability that he didn’t have before and it might prove useful all around.


after playing Balrog online today my current train of thought is he’s basically the same as always. The overhead changes are a nerf imo. It’s still slow, nobody is getting hit by that shit. The only benefit is if they block you’re right next to them and can try to grab, but this only worked because it’s the first week.

The Ultra straight ender did come in handy when I dash ultra’s a sagat fireball, but I feel like this is more of a fix than a buff.

Honestly I’m pretty disappointed with him right now. RFC isn’t going to be a big part of his game, delayed wakeup helps in some matchups, but it also makes what little mixups he had even worse. U2 still useless.

I’m not sure about his matchups with the new characters yet but I feel like the Hugo matchup is strange. One on hand he’s huge and it’s easy to just do safe dash punches and keep distance like against gief, but he also has a ton of stuff to destroy balrog, like armored s.hp and splash mixups.

If you’re a longtime Balrog player, good news is he’s still a decent character and you’ll be able to jump right in. Bad news is he still has the same problems as before, no way to open people up or make a comeback, bad wakeup options, etc.


So, what I’ve noticed is that the Hugo match up is a nightmare if they just zone you out. It’s really hard to do anything at all about his armor moves. Usually I’m able to level 1 tap to armor break most characters and I never get punished if I properly space them. But against Hugo I get SPD every single time. I don’t know if it’s because his command range is larger than the other grapplers or if it’s because his hurtbox isn’t where I think it is. But this character seems to be the only one that punishes my level 1 taps every time.

Rolento is really free to Boxer. I feel like I can do whatever I want to him and he can’t do anything about it.

The real reason why I’m posting today is because of Elena… There’s something really strange about her hurtbox. A lot of my normals seem to be whiffing on her constantly. Either going over her or under her all the time. I’m not really sure what to do against her. But the biggest problem that I just ran into a few minutes ago was when I just landed a Ultra 1 against an Elena using her heal ultra. I landed the first two hits of the PPP ultra 1 and then she just started blocking the rest of it. I don’t know if this happens every time but I’m not liking that at all.