Balrog has an extraordinary tick throw

I believe this is true. Even if you know he’s gonna do it, the built in tech throw option seems to be less effective. Why is that? What makes it more extraordinary than the tick throw from other fighters?

There’s nothing really different about Balrog’s throw. It can be teched just as easily as everyone else’s throw.

The only cast member with an unusual throw is Gouken. His back throw has 2 extra start up frames, so it can throw your tech timing off.

If you are talking about a tick throw off a jab, here is why:

This is because he is at such a huge frame advantage off a jab (block or hit).

Look up the frame data on the wiki…he is + huge frames on hit or block.

Now…its true that he can’t throw you while you are in hit or blockstun, but here is where it gets tricky: Fighting against most other characters in the game with a three frame jab, once they start to walk forward after the blocked jab, you know its time to option select tech. But with boxer…he gets to move forward while you are STILL in block stun…this really throws off a lot of players until they get used to it, because they tech too early and then they get thrown.

What you need to do, is learn how to tech against boxer specifically. You are right in that if the tick is a jab, it IS different than fighting other characters. Learn the timing of when the blockstun finally ends and you will have no problems teching.

Cliffs: Tech a fraction of a second later against boxer if you just blocked a jab and you suspect a throw.

Makes sense, which also means… it is extraordinary.

However, does this all apply to his jHP as well? Feeling is similar.

Well lets be clear…his throw is basically normal like the rest of the cast. Its his jab that is extraordinary.

And no, off any medium or jumping attack…there is nothing special there.

I suggest you hit up training mode and program Boxer as the dummy to do a series of tick throw setups, then use your main and practice teching them until you have the timing down. Then, create new setups and just keep doing this…eventually you will get a feel for teching against him.

Yes. the tick throw, not the throw alone. My throw tech has come along but I noticed that Balrog’s was harder to manage. Your explanation explains why that is so. Almost no one else seems to have that advantage off a tick throw.

Honorable mentions:
Dhalsim and Rose off a slide

thx for this. i noticed i option select tech against balrog’s ticks and it always seems to be too early even when i anticipate it. this definitely helps.

thx for this. i noticed i option select tech against balrog’s ticks and it always seems to be too early even when i anticipate it. this definitely helps.

good info

Add to that:

Chun is +2 after a blocked LV1 focus attack. That setup is very hard to tech and yes I do abuse it every chance I get.

I find Bison’s more difficult to deal with.

so…speaking of tick throws, anyone excited about U2’s potential? as a tick throw, as a scare tactic, as a second move that doesn’t require back-charge?

I really just like the way the ultra looks and works. I’ll be putting alot of work into getting this ultra to be extremely effective. I think at 1st I’ll be playing it safe though. Probably just bait some rising DPs and dash punish with it, etc. The only thing about it is if they have 0 stun the ultra bumps them to 700? (only on full? or any level?) We’ll have to guess the wake up game correctly so we can get the easy stun.

I’ve got a buddy who “says” he can dash into zangiefs ultra, the same may be possible with balrog, but gief may have a slower forward dash

I was actually messing around with this today. Yes, you can dash into his ultra. It prevents jumping when you input the 720. I don’t think it will be too useful though considering it can be jumped out of.

A lot of people seem to be saying that the best way to set it up is not through tic throws or jump ins because it can be jumped out of, but via frame traps with dash punches.

Yeh, we’ll see. I was thinking of a corpse hop setup from an untechable knockdown. i.e. running low rush punch, headbutt corpse hop, dirty bull on ops wakeup. But at its basest that still translates into random ultra lol, but its an idea.