Balrog has some potential!



I’ve been using Balrog for quite a time now and I find that he’s a good character. I also fought out that his ex moves can go throught fireballs. I was able to beat cpu Akuma and Gouken,lol.

I might use him as my main.I was kinda tired of using Ryu all the time.



… indeed
He’s A rank for some reason…


Why does this thread exist? Please someone close this. Horrible horrible thread idea Cxplorer. You struggle playing the cpu? Why are you on this forum? I hate people.


gud thread


… I’m just expressing how Balrog is awesome. Go see a doctor man. Geez…




Im gettin in on this before it gets locked.



Our fight moneeyyyyyy!!!


it has to do do with what they call forum etiquette dont feel bad, this happens in every forum ive ever seen. You get people who tell the world how they feel and then you get your STFU we already knew that. I personally dont care, but this could have been put in the general section, and its assumed that everyone here has seen the tier list and should know not to put up OMFG, Sagat can f.hkx2 Ultra or other things like that. Why did i post this because im playin xbox live and fuck G1 its full of dumbasses who dont know how to play, and frankly it gets boring. So i decided to spend time in a thread that is considerd pointless, and try to kill time.

We can redirect and start talking about to potential of a special being used to your advantage by usng it in an unorthodox , but why am i giving u boxer ideas if your character already as great tools…(sobs and looks at Vega in selection screen)

Bored so very bored, who here is thinks there boxer is da shit. I need a can of woop ass handed to me, cuz these G! boxers are what boxer says at the end of a challenge



Omg, this made me lol so hard. Thank you sir.


welcome new boxer


Excellent thread. Would read again A+++


im with you, im gettin mines

goin down in history :smokin:


You remind me of Zand


that foamey playdoh stuff thats back by popular demand?!?


XD instead of making new threads by saying hes a good char… sure… all SF4 chars are good depending on who plays… even dan is good at one point XD but you know… just write what you think about balrog somewhere else :slight_smile:


You are welcome… can i haf sum munays plz ?


This thread is S tier.