Balrog Heabutt Mixup Sheet / Overhead data on neutral position for all characters

I don’t think there is a thread in the forums about this so I’m going to post this for you Balrog players.

So basically I made a spreadsheet of all possible overhead situations for every character in the game in the standing and crouching position for tournament purposes so I do not have to remember every situation in the game and use the my maximum punishment if giving the opportunity to do so. Also in the spreadsheet has information on the headbutt mixup. Basically after you headbutt a character you have enough time to jump over then and do a meaty jab setup for option selects or just to go for another headbutt combo or basically anything you really want to do. Since I made this for myself and I do not know how to make things look to pretty I will simply explain here what some of the stuff in the spreadsheet means and some notes on certain characters that may not be super obvious to all whom play Balrog be it at the lowest, medium or highest level.

REMEMBER that this only applies to characters in a neutral position be it standing or crouching and has not been tested for counterhit, trading hits, armor hits, reversals or armor breaking etc. Some of the setups that do not work will work in situations where you absorb an attack from the opponent while doing an overhead so please be aware of this. Also I did not test anti-air headbutt mixups.

On the top of the spread sheet there is the categories:
[]Standing: Stands for the standing position
] Crouching: Stands for the crouching position
[]Ovr Short: Overhead and inputting the short(Light kick) lk afterwards.
]Ovr Strong: Overhead and inputting the strong(medium kick) mk afterwards.
[]Ovr Round: Overhead and inputting the Roundhouse(Heavykick) hk afterwards.
]HB Mix Short: Jumping with a deep roundhouse or fierce and doing a crouching lp lp lk combo to short headbutt
[]HB Mix Strong: Jumping with a deep roundhouse or fierce and doing a crouching lp lp lk combo to Strong headbutt
]HB Mix Fierce: Jumping with a deep roundhouse or fierce and doing a crouching lp lp lk combo to Fierce headbutt
[*]HB: Headbutt
For the HB Mix Short… on some characters you can only combo with one jab and most characters only 2 jabs before it whiffs. I did not specify which characters need 1 jab or 2 jabs in order to combo so please keep that in consideration if you try to do this in a match.

Now I will explain what everything else in the spread sheet stands for…

[]y: This stands for “yes” and means that it connects as a combo.
]y*: This means that there is a better alternative for short. I only used this for dudley. It is easier to combo him with jab rather than short when doing an overhead. It whiffs a lot with short when I tried it.
[]Whiff: Means that the normal completely misses the character even though you have enough frames to technically hit the character.
]Whiffjb: This only applies with the character Guy. When doing an overhead on standing the short will whiff however the jab connects.
]Whiff*: This means that the headbutt whiffs but the normal attack connects. I.E. Blanka when Standing if you do an overhead while he stands you cannot connect crouching strong to headbutt however if he is crouching it connects.
[]Same: This means when you do the HB Mixup and jump the character will stay on the same side you were already on.
]Cross: This means when you do the HB Mixup and jump the character will cross over to the other side.
[]Same: This only applies to crouching characters and is specific to Honda and Blanka. When crouching you must use crouching strong in your combo in order to connect the headbutt.
[]Same**: IMPORTANT!!! This means after connecting the headbutt and jumping you MUST jump with crouching forward (Jumping medium kick) to stay on the same side that you was on during the jump. If you do not do this you will cross over during the jump.
]Same***: This means that you need to add an extra jab or short during your combo in order for the character to stay on the same side. This applies to standing only and is character/setup specific. Please make up your own setup if you are going to apply this to your game =).
[]Whiffb: This means that the character will have enough time to block your attack if you go for the headbutt setup even if you have the correct frames to make the combo possible. This is character specific and does not apply to counterhit situations.
[]Whiff Not Prac: A situation that I do not think is practical to do in matches.
I think I have added everything that needs to be added. Comments would be appreciated.
Here are the files to the spreadsheet. They are in Excel… If there is an easier way for me to give it tot the community also let me know. Thanks…
File 1:
File 2:

I did something similar including some other information and the OH stuff:

I’ll have to check out the headbutt stuff, when i get an opportunity.

This is good stuff.

Had a chance to take a look at the spreadsheet and understood how to do the mix-up after Bagels explained it to me. I should have some time today or tomorrow and i’ll try to rearrange the information so it’s a bit easier to understand at first glance. Gonna do some testing to see if you buffer a jab or something after the jump-in if it’s meaty and if so by how much. Sucks it seems this mix-up only works mid-screen off of of headbutt. and dash low seem to always put you at max jump distance and no-where near for an ambiguous jump-in. D: