Balrog is a broken character (rant warning)


shut the fuck up and blog about it, pussy.

i hope you’re drunk or something and decide to delete this later.


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There’s a general discussion thread and the rebalance thread for this. He’s not broken, but he does have alot of bullshit.

For once, I agree with Irrepressible.

Claw is at least as bad, though. (Kuroppi put it best: “F that character, turtle or circus.”)

I wish Ken had a charge jab dragon punch that did 60% damage.

he doesnt need that.
Ken has his stuff.

Everyone in this game has stuff that seems broken.

boxer isn’t broken. he’s always been a tough character since the original sf2. and ken is fine its bad enough he’s impossible to safe jump or do a meaty attack.

Boxer is not a broken character. Sure, his grab range is farther than most, and he can charge 2 moves at the same time, whereas other charge characters can only charge one. Who cares. Top players like yourself should learn to adapt to each characters strengths. If your Guile can get a good zone game going, then there is no way in hell that Balrog can even touch you. For proof of that, I offer this video. Skip ahead to round 3 at the 1:35 mark. There isn’t a single opening in that entire match for Balrog. Granted, this is Muteki Guile we’re talkin bout, but still. A good Guile can deal with Rog.


Sorry man, I was joking but it didn’t come across properly.

I’m trying to picture what could seem broken about cammy, but its just not coming to me. :lol:

The backfist is broken.

BTW, according to the ‘consensus matchup chart’ Boxer is, indeed, overpowered.

This thread makes me feel so bad about myself. I should probably switch characters so I have an excuse for losing.

With respect to the original post, yes I’d say cammy’s backfist is broken in the bad way.

I don’t think that was the kind of broken kevgeez meant though.

Cammy’s first is literally broken. Shattered, smashed - whatever you want to call it. Definitely not cheesy or exploitable :frowning:

It’d make a good meaty if it weren’t so slow and obvious.

It’d make cammy better if it shot fireballs or covered full screen iin 15 frames.

A I am with him balrog is super and, I mean super broken. He’s so broken it transferred to street fighter 4

yeah…my OP was a bit of a QQ-rant, so I edited it after calming down, BUT my points were that balrog is so blatantlly over powered.

his buffalo head butt is invinceable to point that it can beat a flash kick or DP, it should only be an AA and go though fireballs like honda jab head butt. and it has a fast recobery

his normals are too powerful…go into training mode and look at his red hit boxes…they’re too big extend far beyound his limbs.

his grab range is fantastic and he grab you what seems to be like while ur still in a block stun, now I can reverse an ochio throw with a normal throw but I cannot reverse balrogs dash punch- grab routine with a throw or flash kick…something is amiss

his normal punches can punch through sonic booms like dhalsim and his normals simply have too high piority

the turning is hard to counter with a special move because of the way balrog turns and then strikes, the animation is misleading

he just has too many advantages, plus when he is used with a turbo it becomes even worse

now everybody cries about akuma, but balrog is almost if not just as broken as akuma