Balrog is back for me!

hey guys, i stopped playing rog for sometime however just recently came back to him and found out that since ae2012 has been released he has improved really well for me, has he? or is it me just playing well with him after a while… just like to add i have found it much easier to link crouch jabs to after ex upper works as a treat! also 3 crouch jabs to heavy crouch kick button lol im not good with the key words anyway let me knw guys what u make of him now :slight_smile:

What I make of him now?

Balrog never even LEFT for me. Been playing him for nearly two years, not a bit bored of him, still strong, fun, solid - Overall a great character, decently balanced, no disgustingly bad matchups, just ‘solid’.

right…cool… i left him in ae version as i was losing really bad with him nearly every match… it was causing me to get frustrated etc…however now in ae 2012 im kicking crap…lol… i beat people who are well over who are more experienced than me :slight_smile:

His buffs are nice but overall he’s always been solid, even in AE after the initial nerfs. We all have losing streaks but that’d never make me leave my preferred character.

I never dropped Rog either, but I do notice I’ve been winning a lot more now too, since the 2012 version released. I stuck with him through AE and would get my ass handed to me. Maybe I finally reached another plateau with my skill level (I have been practicing), but I find it easier to pull off combos with the 2012 update.

Or maybe I’ve lost so many times that I finally learned how to play more competitively…

At the end of the day we all have losing streaks, some for long periods, it just happens. The default assumption is usually (By any player with their head screwed on) that it’s them, not the opponents, or a change in the game / fault in the game - And thats normal // 75% the right view.

Sometimes it’s true, sometimes it really isn’t. I always say I look for a challenge but even throwing yourself into a scenario where you’re destined to lose quite often does become frustrating, so it’s even more frustrating when you’ve no idea why in the first place.

Some people find it helpful to take a step back, some people find it impossible to stop going forward and risk losing more (and either overcoming the streak or getting even more frustrated), some people decide to swap characters - Whatever way you handle it, if you don’t exactly know WHY, then the best you can do is put videos in the critique threads and have an outside opinion because humans sometimes have a habit of mixing fact into some untruth - Having an unbiased outside view can sometimes point out the obvious - Is it you, are you being outplayed, are you not learning, is it just plain bad luck etc

I wouldn’t stop playing my No.1 character over it, I’d maybe take a small break and come back (for myself) but I’d always try to get an outside view along the way to see if I’m missing something.

Yep!! Im back to my original character !!!Balrog!!!