Balrog joystick art. (1 year premium)

once again i need the help of you art pros. looking for stick art with balrog wearing his orange outfit w/ green gloves from ST. stick is the tekken hori stick. buttons and stick ball will be custom colored to match background so some nice art would be awesome. i traded this art for premium for centennial’s work last time. anyone else want premium or maybe something else in trade? pm or post please. thanks again guys.


PM sent.

no one has links to good balrog art? anyone? please? :slight_smile:

PM sent again

Dude you asked at 2am, then said “no one?” at 4am, give it a day :tup:

he did give it a day. Those posts were over 24 hours apart…

Oh hell my bad, read those both as “yesterday”

I tore apart Google and couldn’t find anything. I figured it would be easier than that! :wasted:

would that work?

thanks for the efforts guys. appreciated. crayfish linked this site:

not sure if any more exist.

thanks again,