BALROG Match Up Thread



The Apollo Creed homage is not subtle here.


The official guide book hasn’t been updated for Ibuki or Balrog yet, I’ll post up some frame data when its updated, in the mean time, I’ll post up some brief notes and some info from the general M.Bison thread.

Balrog has 1,000 health and stun.

The two most important questions Bison players ask about their opponent are, do they have 3 frame normal and do they a reversal?.

Yes, Balrog S.LK is 3 frame. :frowning:
No, Balrogs only reversal is his critical art. His Ex.Screw Smash has armor from frame 3.

As posted in the general thread, frame data for punishing Balrog.

But there is some caveats, Balrog has a wonky hurtbox.
In the case of all his normal Dash Grand Blow (aka Dash Low) he is -7 but the push back from S.MP pushes him too far away to allow you to combo into C.MP.
This also applies to his V-Skill overhead which is -8 on block.

His LP.Dash Straight is -4 on block but its one of those moves were its nearly always going to be safe due to push back.
Normal Screw Smash can not hit crouchers.

Outside of EX. Screw Smash none of his EX moves have any invincibility or armor. The EX moves just make safe on block.
Having said that unlike Street Fighter 4 its extremely difficult to throw him out of his dash punches, but it is possible.

All TAP punches seem to be -2 on block, regardless of how long they are charge. TAP does not seem to have any invincibility either.

His throws do not set up dash in meaty pressure/throw mix up, he’s at least -4 if he dashes in.

No frame data on his normals, his lights look to be better than Bison’s but Bison’s mid have a definite range advantage. I think Bison will win in neutal.

Balrog has no cross up attack.

His S.LP does not work as anti air. His S.MP and C.HP look like decent anti air’s though.


So far from using a few hours of Balrog in casuals and training mode, I think Bison would win a bit in the neutral with mediums and df.HP

But ya still can’t jump at him easy. The s.MP is pretty good anti air.

His range feels pretty short compared to 4 but it’s OK for a character in SFV.


You can s.HK rush punch kinda easily for a sweet CC combo