Balrog Option Selects

Disclaimer: I’ve tried searching for a while for a consolidated place for Balrog Option Selects; how to do them, situations, etc. but have not had any great results. I figured I’d make this thread for others searching for a nice consolidated list. If I have missed a thread, just post a link and I’ll quickly delete this thread.

So if people can contribute to OS they use with Balrog, how to do them (inputs, timing), when they do them (strategy related, character specific), then I think it would greatly help not only myself, but others trying to master the Rog.


Cmk>super is the main one I use.

On Akuma / Dhalsim / Bison

I VERY occasionally use on their wake up, safe jump FP / RH with all 3 buttons, if it hits / block same old same old stuff. If they teleport then let it go and see what happens.

do u mean to super?

anyways maybe works too i havent played much SSF4… beats shoto pokes. (ryu, akuma, ken etc)

Mind elaborating how to do it/when?

IT seems as if most of the super OS, use a button that’s only super-canncellable and perform the move out of range, so if they’re in range and it connects(block or hit), you can input the super motion and you will only cancel into super and not a special. For example the standing jab, if you do it at max distance, will whiff if the op doesn’t move/attempt a counter, but if they do attempt a counter it will hit and you get a super cancel. and are very nice to use because they only cancel into super, they’re quick and they’re positive on block (not that it matters if you commit to the super). standing jab to is a sort of frame trap since the op only has four frames to react if you link them. (CH st.jab to St. mk will combo).

3nigmat1c- That’s awesome! Thanks!

Wait a minute, all I have to do is jump with 3P or 3K for the OS TAP?

I was holding 3K and jumping with HP.

How do you guys do this OS TAP?

I think this is exactly what he meant. I’ll try it out when I get home. Do you use this OS in any general situation? Or is it usually just to punish backdash/tele’s?

Here’s one I found on youtube [media=youtube]2B_h_G-y9Eg&playnext_from=TL&videos=ILkyHcSNzeM[/media]

Anyone mind explaining? He never explains his option selects

Looks like a delayed after a jump in, whilst holding back? Can’t really see the inputs well enough to get a good idea of what’s going on.

Alioune was showing how to safe jump OS Fei. Jump with HK~b+HK. It will beat his mk srk, trades with hk srk (in your favour), you’ll block lk srk and punish backdash.

Hey I’m kinda new to ssf4 and new to balrog as well.

When you do the safe jump sweep option select, do you press cr rh while in the air? Also how do you do the super OS? (Sorry for the noobish question.)

You buffer the super motion during the recovery frames of the poke. If it hits, the super comes out, if it whiffs, no super. It’s tougher with balrog because you have to have the charge to buffer it successfully. Just make you sure you’re out of their block hitbox because you’ll just super their block. You want to counter hit a poke when you buffer the super.

Yes, Otherwise, it would still just come out as a super as soon as you pressed the button.

You want to cancel the or or whatever you use to buffer it into a super. Since you can’t cancel the poke from a whiff, but you can just hide input in a poke like Zangief’s SPD tick buffer you need to make sure that you’re doing it in Boxer’s poke recovery frames. Otherwise you’ll throw out a whiffed poke and the super will just come out afterwards. Think of it like Ryu’s xx hado. you see’s and no hado but when it’s either blocked or hit, the hado will come out. You might think “how did he know it would come out?” But he didn’t, the whole time, he was pressing ~ qcf +p everytime the would show on the screen even without hado.

Obviously people don’t buffer everytime and you really shouldn’t because you can punish it, but that’s the basic idea behind the Buffer OS.

@SalPal: For the super OS: would you press the punch/kick button during the recovery frames of the poke as well?

Seems like the MK-> super option select is very risky and takes alot of practice so you won’t mess up.

It’s really not that risky or difficult to execute at all once you understand the mechanics of how it works and the ranges on his low and far fwd.

Once you’ve used his low and far fwd’s enough you’ll just naturally realize when you are or are not in range for them to hit. From that point it’s a very simple matter to just walk back until you’re out of range and set up the os.

As for the mechanics, just to clear up a little misconception in this thread, you’re not canceling out of fwd’s recovery. In fact extremely few moves in this game allow you to cancel during grounded recovery frames. Rather, the point at which the vast majority of cancels occur is during hitstop. You may have noticed when you strike your opponent, either on hit or block, that both characters freeze in place briefly. That is hitstop, and it is entirely separate from the startup, active, recovery, hitstun, and blockstun types of frame data you may be familiar with. The duration of hitstop varies depending on what type of strike occurred. Light, medium, and heavy normals, as well as specials, all cause different durations of hitstop. Light normals create a fairly short hitstop, medium normals create a slightly longer hitstop, and so on. Realizing this, if you do the super os input in one quick and fluid motion, timed properly with the hitstop duration, you’ll do it correctly every single time. You just walk back to build charge (or go from a downback charged position), press and hold fwd, then toward, then back, then toward, then release fwd (negative edge activation). If you do it properly then you only get fwd on whiff and if the fwd hits then the input is completed during hitstop and you get your super cancel.

Hitstop is very intuitive. Many people have no idea how it works, or even what it is, but they realize when they’re doing cancels that there is a perceivable pause when they connect with a move and intuitively adjust the timing of their inputs to match the duration of the pause.

It’s like walking outside and feeling the heat of the sun. A person may not fully understand what is going on with the solar radiation and their body, but they still perceive the energy transfer itself and intuitively understand the basic cause and effect.

Intuition. It’s how a Pro can completely understand the game without truly understanding it at all.

The More You Know.

It is the same way to do to ULTRA ?

Comboing low fwd into u1 is not an option select. It is very similar to the super os but there are some significant differences.

First, you can’t cancel any normal into u1. You have to link, which means the ultra input has to be slowed down so that it activates when you fully recover from the low fwd. You can still do it in one fluid motion but it has to be slightly slower than the super os.

Second, low fwd on it’s own does not link with u1. It only links on counter-hit. If the low fwd hits your opp during the active or recovery frames of their move then it won’t work. It has to hit during their startup.

So, if you happen to meet that criteria during a match then your opp is eating an ultra and you are made in the shade.