Balrog OS thread



Hello everyone,

I didn’t see a OS thread for Rog so I was wondering if we should have one where we list OS’ and when and why you’d use them. It would really help all of us Rogonites out there(Don’t quote me on that. lol)


May not be a dedicated thread to Balrog OS’ but I’m pretty sure there’s a hefty number of them spattered around the Mindgames & Tricks sticky and probably the Combo’s sticky, also. Maybe even other threads as well.

Infact I was pretty sure I saw a “Options Selects & How To Apply Them” thread floating around here somewhere…


Here’s the thread you’re talking about.


Thanks. I think we should either update that one,sticky it, or revise it so the information is listed by character. Or just throw it all in here.

I’ll make the spoiler tags if you want. I just this would be a bit easier if it was compiled this way.


I agree. I think there are two many stickied threads. Some should be cleaned out, but this OP thread belongs with the stickies IMO.


How do you make spoiler tags btw?


I apologize guys, just got back my Computer. It was giving me hell. Tomorrow I’ll try to make the spoiler tags.


Guys, would you still like for me to make the spoiler tags???