Balrog Q&A Thread



hey guys,
i could not find this thread, i think it could be useful, so anyone can ask questions about Balrog here without making a new thread.

my question is,
how can i beat a throw with my c.lp?
for example my opponent jumps in with HK after it he does c.lp -> throw, what timing do i need to counter the throw with my c.lp?i try it often but i fail, and so i get thrown.
the same scenario if my opponent does FA lv1 (i block it)->dash forward->throw.

thanks for help.


Just do your own throw earlier/faster I guess. Do you mean some matchup in particular or have trouble teching throws in general?


It’s called tick throws…you’re basically in block stun from the c.lp so you can’t throw out a jab because, if done correctly, a tick throw will catch you the exact moment you get out of block/hit stun.

The only way to avoid it is teching (you also press the throw buttons).

You can option select the tech by holding down back and pressing the throw buttons. If your enemy continues the string you’ll block it, if the goes for a throw you’ll usually tech it.
This only works if you’re playing against people who are actually competent, because if their string has a “hole” or they just decide to spam some other move, you’ll throw a c.lp and you might be reversaled.

I hope this is clear, sorry for the bad english


Superlollo, you atually throw a clk not a clp when doing that option select.


thanks for the correction =)


Does boxer has any good option select for a safe jump?