Balrog Safe Jump (Back Throw)



I am aware of Rog’s safe jump from the fwd throw as shown here: [media=youtube]0o2AzYpYlf8[/media]

Has is there one from his back throw? I apologize if this is answered in another thread. Thank you in advance for your help.


I’d be lying if I said I knew the answer but on backthrows I do a dash forward into jump. If you do this you land directly infront of people so shoto’s and the likes can and will SRK you if you use an attack. If you do not use an attack you will land safely and/or block wakeup moves.

I’m pretty sure this is not a true safejump but it can be used for baiting which is what I’m generally aiming for as I’m not sure of the ACTUAL backthrow safejump. Additionally I find a lot of players grow wise to this pretty quick and often try to throw you immediately so it’s not all that obscure if you just dash’n’jump so not a good option overall.

It does work a lot better vs some characters than it does shoto’s, obviously those with poor wakeup options so against folks like Vega, Rufus, Abel etc it does exactly what I intend to do and that is to land right next to the opponent with the chance of hitting them on wakeup - Problem is if you do this immediately after a throw you are likely to have your JumpingFierce/Roundhouse whiff if they recover after the hit so it’s best to leave it a split second before the jump.

Again, I’m aware this is not a true safejump. I’d also like to know the best jumpin option (If any) to be used on backthrow vs Shoto’s - Typically if I don’t fancy trying to bait with above jump method I tend to just walk around or position myself instead. If I get a knockdown I like to keep the scare tactics or pressure up so even if it’s wiser to get better positioning, sometimes I want to do something else.


Correct, backthrow 1x dash j.hp/hk is a 4-frame safe jump, so it’ll lose to ryu’s srks and win against kens mp.dp and sagats dp), but it should count as a meaty jump in so it should stuff 4 frame moves w/o invincibility (e.g. Dudleys non ex.dp). I’m sure there are more/easier setups in the corner with nj.hp. If you’re looking for some more info on safe jumps xaaz did a couple of posts in the Q&A thread as well as some utub videos.

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