Balrog Stand Fierce


Watching recent videos of Eduardo Scrub and Keno, I have noticed that they tend to get in one or two stand fierces (either as zoning r it just smacks people in the face when they whiff a low jab/short) to connect and they seemingly never get jumped in on despite it having a fair amount of recovery. I tend to use stand/crouch roundhouse and jab to zone. Any thoughts on how to incorporate stand feirce in my zone game while minimizing its risk? Apologies but it was difficult to sift through the literally thousands of pages on the rog forum. Hoping to get a uick/better answer here.



PS, if i tried this, i would def eat a boot to the face. thats why he is is Eduardo lol


From the short bit I watched I noticed that the Gief keeps walking forward expecialy right after Rogs standing jab block string and that is when he was throwing out the fierce.

He seemed to be doing it when he knew his opponent would try moving forward, usually after a sucessful block or dodge.

Edit: watched a little bit more and Gief started seeing this aswell and punished it with an EX green hand rather than walking in to it.


Keep in mind I don’t think they’d use st. HP in every matchup. In most, st. HK is better. If you’re really far away from Gief and you’ve anti-aired him a couple of times (so they don’t want to jump as much) you could try it.

You don’t have to use st. HP to zone well. If they’re just gonna jump like idiots over and over, cr. HP, jumpback HP, anti-air ultra, etc… every time.


thanks mariodood. i will stick with jabs and rh for now and try and use fierce when i get more confident. we played a couple times on xbl as i recall