Balrog Super question



Hello there,
This is my first post, and let me say right off the bat that I know this is probably somewhere on the forum, but because of a filter on my computer I am unable to use the search function…

So hopefully you guys can forgive me. Anyways, a quick question about the ultra I for Balrog and actually any of the charge, forward, back, forward ultras.

Do you put in the kicks/punches at the same time as your last direction input, or just after? I play with a pad and haven’t been able to get consistency really trying either.

Sorry for the seriously basic question, and thanks in advance.


Typically just after, usually, so the motion is complete. There have been times in the past when I input the forward/punch too quickly and ended up getting an EX Straight for some reason.

Forward,Back,Forward then Punch though I’m sure some will say that pressing it at the same time also works but timing is pretty generous so there’s no harm delaying the button press for a split-second.


Cool thanks. Looks like I just need to practice the directional inputs more.