Balrog Thread



He’s Back To Get That Fight Money From Capcom and Namco
Died All Ready

I Think The Move List Is Something As In SF4
Dashing Punch (Charge):b::f:+:p:
Dashing Uppercut (Charge):b::f:+:k:
Dashing Low Punch (Charge):b::df:+:p:
Dashing Overhead Punch(Charge):b::df:+:p:Hold
Dashing Low Smash(Charge):b::df:+:k:
Turn Punch :3p:Or :3k:Hold
Buffalo HeadButt(Charge):d::u:+:p:

Super Art

Cross Art




Just Because


I’m 100% sure that balrog can combo off a headbutt and no not an anti air headbutt. Since you cancel cross rush to ex. He can do this :lp::mp::hp: ex upper cr:lp: cr:mp: headbutt :mp: dash straight. Gaurantee it


He can super charge both his dash straight and dash upper. This is based on the fact that when they are performed, an orange bolt of lightning hits Balrog. That only happens when you do the EX version of your super charge move. This happens with EX upper in this video, and EX Straight in this video.


But with that out of the way, FINALLY, a Balrog thread. Freaking Bison gets one right after his leak but Balrog actually gets revealed and no one bothers? What’s wrong with you people, did Balrog take your fight money?

I know what is, Balrog isn’t really an internet fan character since online, the general populous are the type to demand Karin and Mika. Balrog is the type of character who that crowd can’t stand and it shows. Balrog isn’t cute, he isn’t bubbly or hawt and he certainly isn’t friendly but he’s a bad ass who gets shit done and that’s why deserves to be in this game just as much as Vega does.

Kudos good sir to finally making the Balrog thread.


Balrog would’ve been more played than Karin and Mika online (and at tournaments) anyway… people hyping them up are the same as Phoenix Wright and Haggar (don’t count people who don’t give a fuck about him and used him for an assist only), so many of those 2 online in UMVC3… not.


More than Mika OF COURSE. More than Karin of course but you will see more Karin’s than Mika


I probably single-handly requested Jack-6, since the beginning from the development. And then Ono was like, what Jack model?


I don’t really see that many Balrogs anymore.

From what I saw, Karin was the most requested character not in SF4. Good portion of the reasoning was probably that the Sakura-Karin team seemed like a lock, and also that she was well suited to the system - her moveset works well with juggles, and she doesn’t have armor-breakers to mess with her counters like she would in SF4.

So far the only thing I got out of Balrog videos was that EX upper loops are still in.


Not sure about you, but I see a hell of a lot more Rogs online than Sakuras and if I’m seeing more Rogs than sakura’s then I probably would be seeing more of him than I’d be seeing Karin or Mika. When someone purchases a fighting game, the average player isn’t going to a school girl or a forceful attempt at a fan service character, they’re going to the actual fighters.


Sakura isn’t fighter?


He’s a really underrated character imo (and one of the better villains in the series), but a lot of people hate him because of him being a turtle character mostly.



Some Balrog footage from the gerona fight club in spain. Skip to about 0:30 for the first video and 0:47 for the second to see the Rog portions. Looks pretty much like the same old guy from SF4, but i’m not seeing alot of combos connect with him.

At some point (~1:22) in the second vid, you see him try overhead -> cr. short (i think) -> HB on Saget and the HB doesn’t connect and he eats what seems to be a mashed out DP…I thought I heard ppl can’t mash out DPs anymore…hmm. Also, is it true that there’s some weird issue with comboing into specials in this game? I’m not that well read on SFxT yet, but i saw a few cr.LPs into HB combos working ok.


No you can still mash, it’s just that since everyone has chains in this game so you don’t have to risk getting mashed out of 1 framers (Even 2 framers online). Ever mashed out of Yun’s MP HP B+HP Target combo?


Constant jumping in with Rog and what seems to just be random mashes… ugh my head is going to explode.

He does seem to play like he did in SF4, but I really wonder how he is going to fit into a faster paced game especially with the wake-up roll mechanic implemented.


Yeah, not sure if my time will be well spent investing in a charge character (as opposed to learning how to play new, non-charge characters) when rolls and stuff might just end up ruining charge every five seconds. Looks like he still has his awesome normals tho.

If someone comes across any more rog videos, please post them here so potential Rog players don’t need to go too far out of their way to find them.





Wow, so you can juggle off a Buffalo Headbutt. That is awesome. Also EX Dash Swing Blow wallbounces. Awesome.


Haha I’m a genius I knew you could combo after a head butt