Balrog Thread


ST Balrog/Old ST Balrog questions can be asked in this thread. I’ll update it regularly.

C.MP - This is his best ground attack, despite not hitting low, the entire arm is safe and cannot be hit, but can hit the enemy (its a completely red hitbox, no blue).
C.HP - Best anti-air non-special. Hits early and late, unlike most moves in game.
S.MP(far) - Second best anti-air move. Has more range than the C.HP.

I’ll add more over time, just ask away and ill be happy to fill in info about him.

Super Street Fighter II X/Turbo beginner thread

Thx for the tips are there any tutorials vids for balrog or some guides?


What are some good tricks for TAP?


vs shotos i use the tap randomly making sure that it never saves up past 4, between 1-4 is a good pace for them, usually try not to do too many 1’s though.

vs sim i use the higher taps, sometimes reaching up to 6.

vs guile, chun, dj i occasionally throw in taps, not frequently though because these characters projectiles protect themselves.

A technique i use to sometimes land the tap is i release it from very far right when the opponent is getting up from a knockdown so that they are actually on their feet when i release it. This space im giving them to get up usually makes them attack or do something and then the punch flies across the screen and hits em.


good shit

more boxer tricks plz! i’m trying to pick him up. thx


Finally an SSF2T forum. I was wondering why SRK didn’t have one in the first place.

Anyhow, I was wondering what the technique used to do dash straight/upper into super looks like. What’s the principle really? I’ve seen it done in vids and it definitely isn’t TAP.

#7 is still great to whiff to catch those normals that go under

charge b, f+p/k, b,f+p/k
since they start with the same notation you just add another b,f after the rush to finish the super motion.

edit: and far s.hp is great at its max range


My best advice is to remember that you can do a dash punch after the buffalo headbutt and vice versa.

Whenever you do a headbutt do it to up/back. Whenever you do a low dash punch keep holding down. A lot of people do flash kick moves by going to up or up/forward, which is just a silly waste of charge.


yeah i started to do it a long time ago after i watched daigo doing it in a vid.

copying a post from the general thread so ppl can see it:


Was looking at archives… Julien’s posts are fun to read. Especially when he is writing about not being able to headbutt jump-ins (safe jumps) not knowing they are completely safe if done properly.

Wonder if Julien was talking about Kurahashi.


It was probably Aniken.


good stuff but what he said about upward j.hp vs sim doesn’t hit both sim’s s.hp and like he said.
you still need different timing for each case.
but what i do see players do is to do the j.hp it in the timing to hit the hk (early) and then hold B to go outside of sim’s hp range.

edit: ok i have a major problem vs a claw player that mixes up crouching kicks, jumping with mk on me like crazy, crossing me up and throwing me as he lands, and sometimes goes for a [d]u+k mix up (and jumping back with mp doesn’t work all the time).
i have no idea what to do to stop it besides random headbutts…
help me plz :sad:


What I love the most about Balrog is the speed he has. He can be a hard boss at times if you dont know how to properly counter him move for move.


always be charged for headbutt, when he goes off the wall do a fierce headbutt before he hits you or gets near you. Thats the safe escape for off the wall move.

as for ground game, if he jumps, ducking fierce, if he is playing the poke game, your low strong hits his low strong, your low forward hits his slide. But you should attempt to jab low dash in when he is at the perfect range. What i do with vega is counter the rushes with low strong but only when im far enough away to react, when he is closer than 3/4 to full screen its hard to react to those low rushes and you can catch him offguard, if you manage to knock him down you should cheap the hell outta him.


What does TAP mean? Is it a move? A tactic?


acronym for turn around punch (press all punch or kick buttons)


any tips vs chun li (when getting close to her, since moop covered the far away part) and vs guile and vs honda? (besides mashing standing jab)


vs chun i try to keep some distance and do rushes whenever possible, if i am close ill jump at her usually

vs honda stay back do low strongs to counter headbutts and keep charged for buffalo headbutt, do it if he tries to sit or jump at you

vs guile, dont charge the tap, do low rushes to counter low forwards, do low forwards close, and standing fierces on occasion, jump at him when you can with fierce if he does sonic boom and you arent too close.


For Graham, more of a curiousity question than something to improve my play, im just really bored:

Vs. Sim, is the reason you charge the TAP longer because it beats Sim’s longer pokes, and because Sim pokes a lot? I don’t have a game available to test if the TAP beats limbs but it makes sense to me.

All of this Rog info has made me really want to learn him. Probably one of the most fun characters to watch/play.


cuz he keeps you half screen away and the tap is one of the ways to get close and do some damage, so you need it to travel a long distance. plus you need better damage to make better trades with limbs and yoga fires.