Balrog Thread


Not sure how that’s done…maybe he has a game genie?


When you do the super and you’re charging TAP and you want straights in stead of uppers, just a hold a punch button at the same time. It cancels the uppers and you get straights.
He was just charging a TAP before the super, then did the super while holding an additional punch button.


Fascinating stuff, good to know. Thanks for the knowledge.
Now the “bad” news is afro knows too and the gears will be turning in his head for more creative ways to murder us all :rofl:


I’m surprised he didn’t know already. But yeah, it’s a good thing they gave Rog this option to be able to sit on TAP while using Super straights. God forbid he’d have any weaknesses, or had to compromise in some way.


I’m sensing a little hate for Rog. He’s a good character, not over powered in any way. I just wish less people used him.


Yeah I definitely hate the Rog. It seems like any hit against him results in a full knockdown or big damage putting me into corner wakeup games. So then I end up blocking only to get head bashed. Huge pain in the ass matchup with no chance for crossup. But then Philly is the land of Boxers and a lot of them are well-experienced so maybe I’m just tired sucking at the matchup.


My biggest issue with him is his super. It’s definitely the best super in the game that, on hit or block, gives him a strong advantage in the matchup. On hit, does an amazing amount of damage, plus you’re knocked down (most likely in the corner), putting him on a dominant position. On block, does a lot of chip, pushes you towards the corner, and he’s not punishable once its finished.


Actually rog’s super is indeed punishable on block…at least with Ryu. He can sweep me right afterwards. I’m guessing the timing is super hard though because the only Ryu player who has ever done it on me consistently is Shun Joker. That guy is a straight up beast!


Also, Gief gets a free SPD off Boxer’s super on block.


Sagat and I believe Guile can throw you during the super, like when they’re blocking it. SpinalBlood’s Sagat can consistently throw you out of it. I think last weekend I was playing against a great local Guile player and -if I remember correctly- he did a reversal Super while blocking my stupid Boxer’s super. Or maybe it was just a Flash Kick, but he did something like that. Still, it’s hard to do and if your timing is off, you’ll eat the rest of the super.


I think that vulnerability has more to do with the range at which the Boxer super is done. If you do it from (perhaps more than) half-screen so that there’s a pause after the second blocked hit, there’s a frame opening where you can fit in some kind of interruption, even a throw (of course, Boxer has to be within throw range).

Sagat and Guile have pretty crappy throw ranges, so I don’t see any reason why specifically those characters could throw on block. However, I think the timing on that punish is also very specific.


Yeah, it’s that pause thing. I dunno, I’ve only seen Guile and Sagat do it so far.


After the whole super? This seems to be some effect of lag, or maybe it is shun joker who has the game genie! I have tried that by simulating 30 Hz turbo and not only it hasn’t worked, but Rog recovered and had enough time to complete his crouching animation. The frame data agrees with this result.


Yeah, after the whole blocked super. There are some matches on youtube between me and Shun and you can see him doing it on me. I think you have to walk in a tiny step and then sweep but I’m not sure. Shun gets it on me almost every time though.


I’ll look for it. Thanks for the reply, man!


Frame data suggests Ryu can sweep the after the second to last punch if it’s with straights.



Here’s the vid. You can clearly see Shun sweeping me after the full blocked super at 4:45. Frame data is great and all but that’s not the end all, be all as you can see. :slight_smile:


Is this re-producible offline? Is he able to do it anywhere on stage? It doesn’t seem like he needs to walk forward at all, although that may change with the spacing on the super.


Ryu is able to do it anywhere on stage and it works offline too. .Not sure how Shun is able to do it so consistently, though…


I’ll be sure to try that against you offline next time then. I’m curious as to how easy it is to perform this reliably in a match. When I used to try it against Rogs, I usually end up eating a headbutt.