Balrog Trial 4 normal Help please

I have read the other trial threads but i still cant seem to reproduce this 100%.

00/05 on Trial 4 and 02/05 are very hard for me.

I can do the Jump Heavy punch then the Crouch med punch.
But i can never link into the next move of Dash low smash fast enough.

Is there something im missing?
I do not know the ins and outs of the SF system. I am a tekken/vf player.

could someone assist me? that would be great.
I am for sure not doing something. I watch the video and my last move never comes off that quick and Dan blocks it.

I am exactly jumping in the air then as soon as im in air im pushing down and back and then heavy punch, medium punch when it is possible then down to forward med kick.

Does that sound right?

Well, with the Jumping Heavy Punch, cr.medium punch -> Dash Punch, you need to delay the cr.medium punch a little. You want to hit it slightly after landing. To ensure the cr.medium punch hits, make sure the Jumping Heavy Punch hits ‘late’, as you have more time in which to hit the cr.medium punch.

Also, remember you are cancelling the Cr.MP, so you can’t wait for the move to finish, you have to release during the moves hit.

I got the whole heaby and cr. medium
I have been trying to hit the heavy late.
i think its the cancel part.

How do i do that?

Practice doing cr.medium into Dash Punch. Then, once you have the timing for that, just add the jumping heavy, ensuring you delay the cr.medium a lil bit to get that extra charge time.

What is this cancel business?



this is what im doing.

It looks like you’re hitting it too early.
You need to do j.fierce, delay a little, c.strong -> Dash Punch.

Cancelling is going from one move into another, effectively cancelling the recovery period.
Forgive me, this isn’t ‘cancelling’, this is comboing. You’re comboing into Dash Low Smash.

Like I said, practice going from to Dash Low Smash without the jump. Once you’ve got that done, you should be able to add the jump easily.

[media=youtube]lCdxcQxoA7w[/media] - A video to show you the timing. It should help.

when i delay the medium it gets blocked usually.

Then delay it less. You ideally want to hit the end of Ryu’s hitstun with, maximising your charge time.

when you cancel moves you have to do it FAST

i dont know if this will translate well lol but you want your timing to be like 1…2,3

well the only way i can do it.
Is when i stand right next to guy and jump up but hold back while in air and then it works fine.

but standing away from the guy i cant do it.

now im having troube on the.
Jump Hkick, Med kick, Dash Straight, Crazy buffalo

I cant get into the dash straight without dan blocking.
Its pretty much the same prob as my last one. I was able to do the one before this.

So i think the main problem is,
My back holding isnt long enough.
Is there anyway i can do something to cut down on the time?

you arent going back fast enough after you jump, as soon as you leave the ground go back to db

ive never made a video lol
i hope this helps

double post :confused:

so your playing on 2p side?

yeah i accidentally jumped over