Balrog Trial Mode Challenges (Videos + Discussions )



Yes, I know I know, it’s rather pathetic to be stuck on #4 normal.

I’m not having much problem doing the other character’s trials, but I am just absolutely stuck with this one.

It’s a focus attack > dash upper > super

I’m sure some of you here must have done, what on earth does one do? What’s the timing?

I simply CANNOT get the dash upper to combo out of the focus attack.

I’ve tried a short focus attack, I’ve tried a fully charged focus, and however much I try, I simply cannot get the dash upper to follow.

I’ve tried charging back BEFORE initiating the focus, I’ve tried charging back just after initiating the focus.

I can only get the dash upper to unleash after the focus attack is completely finished, at which point poor Dan is slumped on the floor, or blocking.

Can anyone tell me how to do it?



Stand next to Dan and charge a level 3 focus attack and when you see Balrog’s elbow clearly behind him put in the command for a BACK DASH and hold back for the dash upper. Then do F + K, B, F + P.


That was quick :smiley:

Is a level 3 focus attack full charged, or does it just mean full EX bars?

Am I right in thinking the focus doesn’t even touch Dan then?


You can hit poor dan while he is on the floor… So hold down mp+mk(charge db while your doing this) keep holding after the FA hits when he falls down just perform the upper to super, and voila!


Focus Attack does hit Dan. You’re just putting in the dash command a lot sooner than it hits, but not soon enough that you’ll dash out of it before it hits. Level 3 is when you just hold MP+MK until Balrog attacks, you can’t hold the level 3, it automatically comes out when you reach it.


Thanks guys, I’ll try again, I did try to unleash it whilst dan was slumped, but I still seemed to be in the FA animation.

I guess that’s where the back dash comes in.


In this one, you dont actually have to dash. You can wait for the FA to finish to do the dash upper.


You can also FA, dash in, low jab, low jab, low short, dash upper, super, in case you find that easier than linking off of the focus attack.


Could somebody please guide me through these through Live? I have so much trouble doing all of these. If somebody could just talk me through it, it would be so much easier. Somebody PM please I want to get these done


I think you’d be better off learning on your own or watching some Youtube videos to get the spacing/timing/whatever correctly. Getting your hand held through the “challenge” won’t make you a better player.


Hard trial 5


Need some help with this

Ive done it up to the ex upper dash, then 2 jabs follow into a hard buffalo head to ultra

I can actually get the 2 jabs but the buffalo headbutt never comes out, i saw a video of someone doing it and the second jab seems to be pressed slower for the headbutt to come out

So my situtation is, i get the 2 jabs but not the buffalo headbutt

Or i get 1 jab and cant connect the 2nd jab

Any tips on this would be most grateful, thanks

Ill keep at it


stop making new threads when theres 4687366 threads of the same thing good god.

read some.


So all that time you took writing that message, in that time you could of at least guided me to one of those 4687366 threads…



try canceling the second jab, its not a link like the dash into low jab,


Alright thank you.


This is because you can’t cancel rapid fire moves into special.

With jabs, you can push them really fast and get them to combo. But unless you link the jabs, you won’t be able to do a special move cancelled out of the jab. So you do the two jabs a bit slower, you’ll be able to cancel the second jab to headbutt. If you do the jabs too fast, you won’t be able to.


Thanks for the help, I finally did it. To be honest, even when I knew exactly what to do I still found the timing tricky, of exactly when to launch it after the FA.

I then had a bit of a problem connecting the headbutt > ultra.

Then I realized you could initiate the headbutt with up-back, to keep the charge :smiley:

Ultimately I found headbutt > ultra easier than focus attack > dash upper > ultra actually.


It still can. Think of it as coaching. It’s not like we’re doing it for them. It’s them that’s still doing it and putting it together.

It’s the games problem that it gives you the parts of the combo, but it doesn’t show you how combine them. But I guess the puzzle is a part of the challenge.


damn, thats nifty. i didnt realize you could combo into his super that way.

the charge from the dash upper carries over?


I’m also having trouble with going from upper to super can somebody explain how to do it?
I can get the FA into upper every time, I’m just having a problem doing the super right from the upper
any help is greatly appreciated.