Balrog trick VS rose

balrog overpowered now? discuss

Rose specific?

Nice end game gimmick but on that it’s 36 damage for 2 meters… could get a little more with better confirm though sure.
(36 + 130 sure so yeh pretty good)

Good to know it’s possible. might learn it just so I can yell ‘character specific yoooo’

There’s no need to perform the hit afterwards, you’re actually more negative if you hit her versus just dashing forward. On hit or block all of his dash straights are negative on block so you can attempt to grab immediately afterwards. Letting the lvl1 hit actually makes you more negative. Theory fighter: Its really easy to crouch-tech the setup, since you’re -3, if you were to autodash U2 as a read to a crouch-tech, you’re more likely to catch them in the attempt. Rose’s fastest normal is 4f and her fastest invincible attack is 10+ i think.


There’s also some applications in the frame trap videos too.

i cant watch the video, its copyright blocked

ugh. i figured that would happen eventually.

I made some alternate exports sans any music that shouldn’t have that issue, i’ll update this post with them in a bit.

I can’t tell if the OP is a troll or not.