Balrog Video Thread



Sorry, couldn’t come up with a more creative title. :bluu:

Since I didn’t see a thread for Balrog videos, I have created one. Post any Balrog matches here.

I’ll start with one of mine.


I’m relatively new to the character, but I’m relatively happy with how I did. I gotta realize that standing heavy punch with Balrog is really easy to whiff punish. :stuck_out_tongue:


You were letting that fool jump in on you for free, gotta use L Head-butt and cr.HP and yeah don’t throw out the st.HP so recklessly.


Haha, yeah, I realize this now. That was quite an old vid. Never used Balrog before, so I was doing some not-so-smart stuff. Just need to get used to him.

I think I’m gonna try Balrog again though at some point. Great normals, decent damage, plenty of ways to tag partners in safely…and in 2013 normal headbutts hit crouchers. :tup: Just need to find a good partner for him. I’m not sold on Xiaoyu.







Wow, my two favorite characters in one tutorial video! Not sure how much it applies, since it is pre 2013