balrog vs abel

played this 5k pp abel other day and i relized that i dont know this matchup as soon as i thought i did, can people give me some tips so i can go practice on abel, it was very difficult things such as linking to roll to more linking to ex throw , neutral jump ex throw, coudn’t jab at all then breathless which i read the other topic for but damn why is this dude one of boxers bad matchup what are some stragetigies any good tips is greatly apprecaited .

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Best advice is to be in standing lp range and pepper him with s.lp. Hit comfirm into sweep. At that range it kinda locks him down so you can go on the offence. If he tries to roll, you throw. If he jumps, then u c.hp. I usually jump in and mix up neutral jump hp or throw or double neutral jump if they block then s.lp or something to lock him down again. Because usually abels like to do the tornado throw after you jump in.

Try not to get caught by his standing mk, dash forward mixups because you’ll be guessing all day. I always try to avoid getting hit or blocking his standing mk. Either stay out of range or use s.lp to keep him from starting into mixups.

Also keep in mind, he’s got an invincible answer for everything. So 50/50 him with meaty jabs and throws. EX TT beats all of your options except HB U1 and U2. His regular TT is invincible to throws, meaning ultra 2, for the first couple of frames. With breathless, you can knock him down and do armor breaking moves at max distance to deter a wake-up breathless, but he can still wake up and EX TT you. You can throw all of his rolls, and his regular rolls are vulnerable on start-up and recovery. EX roll is NOT vulnerable on startup (but can still be thrown).

cliffs, put abel in tick throw heaven and AA him every opportunity, abel can do a lot of damage with a single crossup.

here is a link to my video vs abel.


Its not exactly a pro match but gives you an idea on how to handle abel and how not to handle abel

Honestly, that was HORRIBLE…

what was horrible? Dont just say a useless comment…give use some pointers since this thread is to help fellow boxer players with their game…not to say a useless comment for the hell of it :slight_smile: Was it the spacing, zoning, not using all of Balrogs tools?

Yes, I agree… this is a Balrog help section, not a “boost your ego by pointing out how bad everyone is” section.

I’ll check out the video later when I get home and maybe I can see what was so “horrible”

Throw beats U2. Rogs that can lp link into sweep can really make this tough for Abel. Punish blocked Wheel Kicks with S.LP xxx Dash Punch. If he has Ultra 2, STOP JUMPING IN once he gets it. If you see Ultra 2 activate and u have charge and ultra 1, DO IT IMMEDIATELY. Jumpin in RH on his wake up is good. Tick throws are good to keep his EX TT game off balance.

Ive tried to punish U2 with my U1 and abel was able to cancel his ultra and block.

Learn the distance, but Rog can do his U1 fairly far away and still catch Abel’s U2 on reaction, even if he tries to cancel as soon as he can. And my advice is from what ive seen, if ur far away and an Abel activates U2 trying to catch u jump, DONT jump immediately. 99% of the time Abels wont release immediately unless they know theyve caught u.

In all honesty, it was all of the above. Spacing, Zoning, not using Balrog’s tools, missing BnBs. I don’t want to sound harsh, as I hate how a forum makes you sound like an ass because text is less easily given tone than voice. Anyways, a few tips:

MUCH LESS random Dash Punches. Even Dash Straights, and especially Smash Swing. I know he was focusing a lot, but you did it a lot at unsafe distances, and even a slightly better Abel would EX TT on reaction. You want to make much better use of Balrogs incredible normals. MUCH more st.lp and c.lp. Same goes for so many Turn Around Punches btw. He only has to LK Roll and he’s going to punish you.

You missed your BnB - c.lp c.lp xx HB - this needs to something that’s never missed. Hit training mode an practice it til you’ve got it perfect.

Your spacing vs Abel wasn’t good. I’m not an expert on spacing in any match really, but I know in this one you had it wrong. You wanna stay at max range st.lp primarily. Pepper him with st.lp, hit confirm into sweep (must be a far st.lp to combo to sweep).

Do NOT Headbutt when he focuses. If he’s next to you, do xx Dash Straight - if he’s far away, backdash and reset the spacing.

If you’re going to jump back, do jump back HP - this will almost always beat Abel’s who jump forward with you. Hit that HP early and watch him take a nice chunk.

There’s a lot more to say, but the above is what you need to incorporate first really. The Abel was not very good either to be fair.

Sorry if I sounded like a dick at all, not my intention. You have a long way to go if you were looking to improve a lot ever, but everyone starts somewhere.

Naah its cool thanks for the advice. Im better now than that rog you see in the video :stuck_out_tongue: Also me and my mate worked on the night shift at sega and these matches were right when we got back home in the morning so yeh that could of added to our crap play :slight_smile: But its good advice anyways :slight_smile: Any advice for rog vs rog? lol

Ah man, seeing my gameplay 5 months ago looks ugly :frowning: