Balrog vs. Bison

What set up do you use for option select teleport with TAP?

If he’s got no meter, you don’t even need to OS TAP. You can jump in and, seeing the TEleport, walk forward and sweep. Guaranteed.

yes, but if you tap, you can super afterwards

True, but with no Super, unless you’ve been charging TAP for a while, I’d take the knockdown ;).

after a sweep, hold KKK during the sweep…walk backward/forward for around half a step, then jump in with a late HP, then releasing KKK in a plink motion(HP~KKK). You can do it with PPP but KKK seems more natural

theres also one for forward throw and maybe backward throw too…My execution is so crappy I don’t know if the setups i use works or not

if you mess up your timing, you will eat a fat psycho crusher

you don’t have it wrong…the best balrogs can rape you with just jab pressure

There aren’t too many useful tools/punishes balrog has for the bison match-up, aside from the obvious (or well-known):
[]blocked u1 can be ultra’d full jump in punish etc.
]U2 can be avoided with TAP/Jump normal
[]PC at certain distances can be punished with throw, sweep (it’s in the Matchup thread)
]non-ex devil reverses can be punished with ex dash upper into full combo if it doesn’t juggle (and if it juggles you can do ultra1…since you’ll be full screen).

Also you can tell the difference between a devil reverse and a head stomp by watching the meter gain, If it gains meter as he goes in the air, its a head stomp, if it doesn’t its a devil reverse. Just beware he can whiff a head stomp and ultra you as you attempt to punish.

Don’t forget that his PC can cross up, i.e. on wake-up, or late to (to air reset) and cross-up PC.

Thanks thats really good stuff. that last part about the difference between devil reverse and headstomp will be helpful.

another obvious punish is: if you got charge and a bison does a psycho crusher thats too strong(hes still in the PC animation after he PC’s past you), you can headbutt on block

against bisons if they go for a headstomp, i usually block the stomp and AA if they go for the follow up, it should be counter hit and do a bunch of free damage for you

i find this easier than cr.hp on the headstomp itself, and rarely do bisons ever not go for the follow up(at least the first time)

if they get wise then you can cr.hp the raw headstomp, but getting counterhit really sucks

If you try to aa the follow up they can just cross up and come back down on the same side and you will miss your aa and they will hit you. Or they can just not follow up and land on the other side and throw you.

uh are you talking about when you try to aa balrog cr.hp’s the wrong way and you get hit? you need to time the AA late and you will hit the follow up every time

if they do nothing and try land in front of you you can still aa with the same timing

there’s no reason to worry about AA’ing skulldiver. Just focus through it. If it’s a crossup, you can see it coming from a mile away and dash out. If it’s an EX, you can also see it coming from a mile away and dash out after absorbing the first hit. If they’re stupid enough to actually try to hit you with it you get to land a fat FA crumble.

there’s a reason that good bison players don’t use this move at all, it’s pretty worthless.

balrog players shouldn’t be so concerned about bison’s tricks, none of them are scary in the least. A solid footsie game is what’s important in this matchup, for both sides.

save scissor pressure fucking sucks

pay attention to his scissors - you can st.lp xx dash straight punish unsafe ones

i dont really like the focus option on a headstomp, why go back to resetting the situation with grey damage when you can punish it for free every time?

You focus the follow up, which leaves Bison next to you - release, crumple, dash in, combo.
I wonder what the max damage is off a crumple without meter.

probably st.lp/ etc.

I’ve swept ( Bison’s SK on start-up, but it’s really psychic, anyone had any other luck stuffing Bison’s SK on startup with other moves?

Off the top of my head, with absolutely no meter your best bet is probably fa2, close rh, low strong, fierce straight for ~320 damage and ~500 stun.

I haven’t tried this in game, but s.lp should do the trick, you still have to psychic it though. But you can afford to just whiff s.lp at random as a zoning tool without having to worry too much about getting punished.

It works for guile and ryu, whose s.lp are inferior.

I did wonder if the would hit after the I know it does on some characters and not on others unless the is preceeded by a jump in.
HP Dash Straight is also at… +2 frame advantage I believe. Need to double check. Perfect for a counter hit afterwards!

Also, from max MAX range, I think you can go under with I’m SURE I’ve done it before, but I’d test it just in case.

st.lp beats Bison SK, but as zeno said you have to guess. Just make sure you buffer a dash punch with that s.lp.

C.lp beats it too, and it’s only 3 frame start as opposed to 4. Probably a better option.