Balrog vs C.Viper?

What exactley am it to do in this match, i rarely see Viper, so do i rush down? Play Defensive? Mix of both?

Um this is a difficult match up to explain. I’ve had the opportunity to play against a few great Vipers, and learned a lot from it.

  1. Make sure you AA him ALOT. Make him scared to even attempt Burning Kick shenanigans.
  2. Focus attacks and EX Rush Punches are less effective because of Thunder Knuckle.
  3. Make use of the Jumping HK->Cr.LP+Cr.HK Option select against them on wake up cause only EX Burning kick beats it.
  4. Jump ins are VERY unsafe because her HP Thunder knuckle trades in her favor and she can dash forward and hit you with a second. Even on trade.
  5. TAP is more useful than usual at getting around Seismo Spam. EX has alot of invincibility frames so be careful on being to unsafe.
  6. Tick throws after whiffed Burning Kick and Viper Elbow can get very annoying make sure you are on the ball with the crouch tech option select.
  7. Try not to get knocked down. Play good footsies and try your best to walk him into the corner where you can reaction stuff most of her moves with ultra or head butt.

I know this isn’t much help since I don’t exactly tell you how to stuff everything. I more or less give you an idea on what to look out for. I’m looking forward to what everyone else has to say on the match up.