Balrog Vs Dudley



So, Ive recently been getting back into 3rd strike (Q all the way. SF4 dash anyone?) and Ive been playing Dudley, and a question popped into my head. Balrog or Dudley? Who would win between two respectively skilled players? Im my opinion I think with sf4 mechanics, probably Dudley because of his MGB and low HK. Opinions?

PS. Im really sorry if there was a thread about his before. Im new.:karate:




Hi dude. :smile:

“Versus threads,” as we call them, are not well-liked here. Just keep it in mind for the future.


Dudley is too awesome to be in SF4. You should know that.


No kiding, just don’t make any at all.


yes, don’t do it.

i’m especially cranky tonight.