Balrog vs... Thread

People have quesions about Balrog’s matches versus all sorts of people ranging from Sagat down to Athena. Post a match up and I’ll give my two cents.

vs. Sagat

In my opinion, the match goes to whoever feels to be more aggressive and who can pressure more. While Sagat has a DP and c.Fierce, once Balrog starts doing successful lockdown rushing and gets Sagat to the corner, the match or at least a majority of Sagat’s health belongs to Balrog. Avoid jump ins if you’re not in C-Groove or A-Groove (dependent on whether or not you have a custom handy), while you’ll be able to counter-attack vs a DP, c.Fierce will be another story in C. A lot of people are able to jump over his c.Fierce, so be weary of the s.Fierce against Balrog.

The main point of the Balrog vs Sagat fight is for Balrog to land one setup that he’s able to either chain into a Rush Punch or s.Fierce or a throw. Setting up these things range from the option of either doing a Kick throw (the shoulder toss), a quick hopover, then do a poke chain, which will vary from a LOT of combinations, get creative.

Anyway, the main point is get Sagat to the corner. Why? Because Sagat’s options become weakened. If you’re playing against a Sagat without an AC, you can rest a little easier (unless his psychic DP skills are up there) because all he can really do is either just DP you or try and do c.Fierce, super. After you get him to the corner, you can restrict the use of s.Fierce (believe me, whiffed s.Fierce = bad for you) and start using your medium attacks a little more. If Sagat feels like trying to Fierce his way out, your c.Strong will stuff it. If he tries doing a c.Forward or Strong, your c.Forward will trade with it (if you get the counter hit, attempt to connect a s.Fierce after it). Eventually, Balrog will gain a Lvl 3 (assuming you’re playing C-Rog) and then you can just relax and chill while the guy you’re fighting will automatically be scared to move because of that illfated “I miss a jab, my ass gets cracked” super. If you feel cocky, you can let him out of the corner and attempt to try and connect the lvl 3 after he does something stupid (fireball or super) and you’ll most likely win the match if he does.

Important thing to remember while doing Dash Punch rushing with Balrog is to try and connect a c.Strong after a Dash Straight. Why? Because it will either stop Sagat from attempting to DP or Fierce and keep him still, giving you enough time to deliver another Dash Punch. Mix it up a little and use c.Forward, c.Jab, s.Fierce, or if you wanna chance it, wait if he does something and lvl 3 him.

If you choose to play the turtle Balrog, rely on your c.Fierce, c.Strong, and s.Fierce normals, the Dash Upper (not low upper), and occasionally the headbutt. Go forth and combat evil.

vs. Vega

A tougher fight because of Vega’s mobility and range. Not a hopeless fight, just not easy. Of course, there’s always gonna be the 2 types of Vegas, turtle Vega and try to rushdown Vega. Turtle Vega basically just consists of “I’m gonna stand still and throw you if you roll and do c.Fierce if you jump”. To start an offensive, you have to focus on either getting him you can s/c.Fierce him out of or throw him.

The thing to know is that s.Fierce isn’t gonna be in use a lot during this fight, so don’t try poking with it, reason being Vega’s c.Strong beats it out. But, you can use your c.Strong to punish his missed c.Strong/Fierces, if you’re just out of range and he does it, you could probably do a dash, c.Strong.

Your air mobility is gonna be cut short since Balrog has no jumping capacity and he’s pretty weak in the air anyway, but it doesn’t mean it eliminates your jumping options completely. Once you get up close to Vega, his AA’s suck. For example, say you’ve gotten close to him, what you could do is c.Jab, c.Jab, j.Fierce, c.Forward, c.Short, dash, throw. There’s really no way for him to counter act that unless he ACs. Using your c.Forward will often times beat out his c.Forward and maybe his c.RH (use c.Strong to counter the c.RH).

Fighting an aggressive Vega (if there’s such a thing), you’ll either be fighting a RC happy Vega or someone who uses the crazy air things he has (The dive claw/throw thing, the bounce to the wall thing). Since you’re Balrog, I think it’s pretty easier on yourself when you turtle. You have c.Fierce, c.Strong/Forward, and s.Fierce to basically beat out everything he could do to you. You could use the TAP if you feel like it, you’d have to time it at a good occasion to beat a rolling claw or maybe a jump-in.

Super wise, stick with the lvl 3 TAP or if you’re lucky enough to get a few jabs in to combo a lvl 2, do that too. Otherwise, you’ll want to save that lvl 3 to breeze through Vega if you block a c.RH or he whiffs something.

Just remember to stick out a c.Strong or c.Forward once in a while to prevent him from trying to poke you.

Man,you must be pretty lonely to be the only one posting in ur thread,but then again I agree with what u said.

vs Vega,Yuri,Chun-li,Cammy, and probably plenty of other chars that I dont think of now, the standing punch doesnt hit them crouching,so if the s.fierce doesnt,the rush punch doesnt either.
This changes a lot your rush game,what I usually do in those cases,I still hit after a whiffed rush punched,it doesnt have any lag,so after a low rush punch,I crouch and do Cr.lp Cr.lp or something like it,to avoid getting hit by my opponent,if the crouching low punched hit I do his charging bull move (down+up+punch).

Honestly when playing those characters,its all on mind game,unless there is something i dont know.

Every tall character like Sagat,Raiden,Zangief,Ryu,Ken,Akuma,Iori,Kyo,Kim,Chang,E.Honda,Guile, anyone who has a normal to tall hit box gets punished,by s.fierce and such,cause it hits them crouching,s.fierce should be your ultimate weapon,abuse of it all u can. In those cases,abuse Balrogs range,use a s.fierce even after a rush puch,it works, in those cases,its all about rush games and pressure,

now, i dont claim to be great at SF or anything, but i got my ass handed to me by a guy using E. Honda tonight. Got any tips for Rog vs. Honda? I don’t play many hondas so i’m kinda weak against his tactics. I’d appreciate the help :slight_smile:

Most likely I’m thinking you’re playing against a turtle Honda (like there’s any other…), so here’s my advice. Don’t get hasty if you want to attack, Balrog is at the disadvantage here because of Honda’s underestimated turtle ability. Jumping will get you s.Fierced, rolling = throw. The best thing you can do is try and get in a whiffed Dash Low Upper and go for a throw after it finishes (Very good ST tactic in a Rog/Honda match) and then try to stick to him afterwards. Just stay close and use c.Jab and c.Forward. If and when you get a lvl 3, Honda will go into ultra turtle mode, so don’t expect to get a free super (blocked torpedoes are hard to punish). Watch out for his ass splash once in a while since it can cross up, if you can see it coming, dash out of it and smack him with a s.Fierce. Otherwise, you have to play smart and counter poke and such.

okay, tonight was the night of Blanka’s. I swear i’ve never seen so many in one night. anyway, got any tips for Balrog vs. Blanka? I was countering the ball with a dashing upper, but it didn’t seem consistent. Is that a decent counter for the ball? I just baited blanka and waited for the ball etc… some of the guys i played though weren’t worth anything when balrog had’em in the corner. One guy owned me 10-1 with blanka since I’ve never encountered him. Havent had an SF game in the arcade round here since super turbo and my SF buddy is in jail so the only practice i get is on XBL :confused: I’d appreciate more tips if possible. thanks.

BTW, got any links to Rog match videos? I’d like to see how others play him. I sometimes think I’m a boring fight since the match turns into a poke battle on my side, but it’s effective.

how can the rog beat bison?do you have any tips on a rushdown with balrog

heavenly king:Bison’s not that much of a big deal to beat,abuse of the standing fierce to keep bison at a certain range from you,which will avoid being rushed,thry to pressure him with rush punches,(B+F+lp),this moves doesnt have much lag,you should be able to attack your opponent with Cr.jabs or a grab before he could even attack you. Never jump on Bison,Bison is one of those characters you dont want to jump against,Characters like Vega,Chun-Li,Benimaru,Bison are characters will really strong air games,so stay grounded and just pressure bison,if bison tries to scissor kicks you,do the kick super(B+F+B+F+any K),it will hit perfectly,and should put you in or near the corner with bison,which is balrog’s awesome position for pressure. But you should tell me what Groove U use balrog,I’m trying to tell you about general tactics,but not knowing ur groove makes it very hard because a K-Blarog plays different then an A-Balrog.

How about Balrog vs. Shotos? I end up playing them 90% of the time, and have had some trouble. Any good tactics?

Also, what the f*** does Balrog say after he wins…it sounds like “I GOT PAIN!” Anyone know? Its driving me nuts :slight_smile:

I got a link to some vids. It’s at the top of this page between “tournaments” and “articles”. I think all of the combofiend vs. valle matches start with combofiend’s A-Balrog.

The Quote is “I GOT PAID”, and it rocks!

For the Shotos,its easy,I play them often too so you get to learn out of it,your S.Fierce hits them even when they’re crouching. Never let them cross you, your lp rush punches are safe,it hits them crouching too,just abuse of that,depends on what groove ur using, but RC rush punches owns the shoto,against air fireball,RC dash upper,as simple as that.

Assrider, thanks man. Good stuff there. I’ll give it a try when I get on XBL later.

And flood…what page? I can’t seem to find what you’re talking about.

EDIT: Nevermind! Found the vids. Thanks.

i find it more difficult beating the smaller characters…

What about some tips on fighting Cammy?

The way it goes is if they can duck all his shit, he is sorta screwed. It’s never a hopeless fight, but your screwed. These fights in general, the rogster has to be aggressive, because the opponent will most likely turtle. If the can duck his rushes, but not the fierce, it’s sorta an iffy match. These matches can go either way. I say it’s best for 'Rog to be aggresive in this match. If they can’t duck shit, it’s definitely in 'Rog’s favor. You get free dash punches and s.fierces to work on gaurd. Once that gaurd is broke Gigaton that shit. I hate fighting Cammy and Sakura with 'Rog. Balrog has a hard time against Iori.