Balrog vs Top Tier!

Im a hardcore Balrog player and have been playing him since the game came out.Hes a solid character but can be difficult to win with when you get to the top tiers.All groove rogs are good but top three I would say have to be C,A,N.
Balrogs tougest fights IMO would have to be:
P,S,N and K Grooves:Sagat
Any groove Cammy
Any groove Blanka
S,N,K Grooves:Bison
C and N Grooves ChunLi

After that its:
Hibiki(some times)

One of his worst matches is Athena.


he is awful against Zangief as stupid as that sounds haha


Lariat prevents Balrog from using his F.Dash punch and standing fierce but thats why you have to mix it up and use his L.Dash punch and use random jumpins,as well as low roundhouse.
Its not that bad!!

JeRon I have a problem, I’ve been using Balrog for a while and my only problem is I can’t combo supers with charge characters. Everytime I try their special comes out (even if I look at exactly what motions I’m doing.). I can do charge supers easily but when attepmting to combo with them it’s a struggle.:mad:

Oh and what B&B combos do you use? I use J.Hk, C.Mp, HP Buffalo Headbutt. It does sooo much damage, it only takes 2 of these to dizzy most characters!!! :smiley:

Hey W.Shadow,the way I combo Balrogs supers are,jumping fierce,C.jab,jab,jab,level 2 to B.Headbutt,it damages a hella,plus you can do C.Strong,strong then whatever(level 1,2,or3)
I cant help you as far as your execution,but mabe this will help.
While your jumping in go into C.Defense then proceed to do your combo,you have to do the motion for super as your buffering your combo.

Oh yeah and just relax,ok you’ll get it:lol:

OK thanx, I’m still trying and I can do it somewhat well. I forgot to tell you I’m doing this on a D-Pad if that makes a difference. And into is that possible? :bluu:

BTW how much damage does the LV.2 Crazy Buffalo XX Buffalo Headbutt do. If it’s over 6800 then it’s my type of combo. :evil:

Im not sure just how many points it takes in training mode,but it is one of his most damaging combos.
:lol: I know,the D-Pad can be extremely difficut for charge characters.I should know because I won a CT tournament,STRUGGLING with charge characters.
Thats why when you play people when using pad you be LAME:lol:

Well I’m getting better with the d-Pad charging, and now my Balrog is messing my friend up. If he even does a jab GIGATON BLOW!!!:lol: And I love RC!!! :smiley:

To bad small or hunched over characters like Cammy or Iori mess my up.:frowning:

Ok for Cammy,Iouri and all those characters that duck his Fierce,you have to get in just a little farther and use standing roundhouse against those characters.
Plus use random jumpins.You will rarely get Anti-Aired because Rogs jump frame is so small.

Wow and I thought S.Fk was crap, due to the slow startup and small range but I glad to see it has some use.:slight_smile:

Oh what I love to do to Iori is use the jab Dash Punch from full screen then he usually does C.Hk, I jump and stick him with J.Hk into combo.:evil:

BTW does Shining Knuckle have mor Speed/Priority that Gigaton Blow? Cuz both are wicked fast/powerful.:eek:

What links does Balrog have in this game? I recall linking two C.MPs once, but it may have been a late-hitting initial MP. I’ve had difficulty linking anything else, even after jabs! Maybe I’m just not trying hard enough?

To combo Balrog’s supers, I suggest you do this: c.Jab x3, Hold the button on the last jab, do the motion, and press Strong, the super comes out, no problem. I usually NE his Lvl 1 version anyway (I NEVER had this problem with EX Rog _)

IIRC, Apoc wrote a big ass article on Balrog on, but the site’s gone now…that c.Strong x2 link probably happened on counter hit…A lot of the good links you would expect him to have are usually on counter hit unfortunately.

And if you can get a jump in, c.Jab x2, Lvl 2 -> Headbutt, that’s well around 6500. Balrog’s a worthwhile character and I still like using him on my fallback teams in C. People underestimate his power as a 2 though, IMO.

Hey thanks Geekboy that actually works!!!:smiley: Now I can finally use Balrog with effiency.:smiley:

Yeah Balrogs a solid charcter and can do fairly well against most of the cast in CVS,the only thing is he isnt consistent.Plus he cant beat top tier.He’ll do OK…but will loose hard once they get in.

There’s a really good poke string I like to use that you can sort of buffer into a throw pattern: c.Forward, c.Jab, c.Strong, Short Dash Low Upper, RH throw, dash over, c.Jab x3, Headbutt.

I use P-Rog… mean ass bitch. Parry + sit on lvl 3 + Rog = hell on earth! As for vs. top-tier, I think his headbutt should find plenty of room in this discussion. Headbutt is too damn good. I’m pretty amatuer with Rog though, and this is really the first game I tried using him seriously. I have to say that I don’t think he’s all that bad vs. shorter people either. Obviously not that good, but the threat is overrated IMHO.

even when Balrog just has a level 2 he is still dangerous. a level 2 is still really fast(it can hit blocked headbutts) and if you reversal it, should hit blocked pokes and stuff. he has a good dash, so mix stuff up when the guy is down with it. Balrog is mainly defensive, against top tiers his only chance is to turtle.

I think C groove is Balrog’s best groove. He can sit on his supers, have alpha counters (his is pretty good), and air block (which is important, IMO). Parrying gives him free pokes, yes, but you have to be good at it to be effective and P groove supers are the weakest ones in the game I think.

I do too, don’t forget RCing! BTW what are his alpha counters?

A-Groove supers are the weakest, but P-Groove meter builds so damn slow which is why I hate P-Groove Balrog. Another reason I like C-Groove Balrog is that in some air to air instances when I air block I reach the ground before my opponent I can actually do Buffalo Headbutt before the land!!!:evil:

DON’T STOP ME!!!:mad:

His AC is the headbutt. RCing his headbutt also makes decent AA at weird angles.