Balrog vs Top Tier!

I think Rog’s best grooves are definitely C and P… sitting on lvl 3 makes him so deadly. Let’s not even get started with lvl2 cancels. But what’s more valuable to him? Parry or RC?

RC doesn’t really make Balrog that much better like it does with Iori or Sakura. Parrying gives him free fierces, which add up. People with powerful normals (Cammy, Sagat, Balrog) are definitely worth it in P groove, but you have to be very careful when you using it, bad parry = dead in some cases. Plus you’re weak against A groove guard crush combos.

Thats what I’ve also been telling people.Rogs roll cancels are ok but it still wont help him much aginst the dominant top tiers.
His worst top tier fights are Cammy and Blanka.He does O.K against Bisonand ChunLi and Sagat are MABE!!depending on your level situation.If you have no levels and they do…
Press Start!!!:lol:

Man, that’s a sucky truth. Balrog’s got no chance against Cammy or Blanka, losing your s.fierce in any fight is automatically going to make it tough on you. And I don’t care what anybody says, if you can’t parry and you’ve got P-Balrog…you’re screwed so badly. That’s like half of your offense gone.

p groove balrog is ok but k groove balrog is the better option,well if you look at it p groove if you miss the parry you get hit your super takes too long to fill up and when you do parry it doesnt fill your special bar up,now k groove just defend fills your bar up plus no damage on guard or life plus when you are inraged your a lot stronger and of course you know more damage,with this groove blanka doesnt stand a chance.The only super he needs is his lvl 3 k,no need for that weak lvl 2 cancel bull shit not worth it the damage sucks.I did this the other day with k groove in the corner
inraged, jump in hk,,,, hp dash uppercut
you charge as soon as you jump but the damage on that was 6275 and if it where c groove 4935.I also did this
inraged, jump in hk,,, c.hp, gigaton blow
damage is 12274 this is what the damage would be if it were c groove 10593 thats still big damage though.

RC dash punches own Sagat. Period.

Balrog… interesting

Well, i’ve been using Rog for quite a while, but only for my 2ndary team, teamed up with kim and sagat R2. Im sooo crazy using Rog’s Giggaton Blow… guess tis 1 of the worst specials that’ll hit you, inflicting humoungus dam.! I knw that zoning is the game of Balrog specially in C groove, but I noticed that im pretty choked fighting against haohmaru and others with good poke distances! what can i do? Thanks pals! =P

K-Groove Rog owns period!:cool:

rog is better in c groove… at least u can jump block safely
roll super gigaton blow level 3 Hurt badly…
just make shure u do it at the right moment on cammy or blanka…
u will shure they won’t bother u fo long…

also jump rh is very good again cammy anti d.hp or chunl
use it is better then jump in fierce…is 50-50

rog is not bad at all again top tier …if u are a good rog player…
i always take rog and play again…Vega…blanka…sagat…geese…hibuki. yamazaki cammy…chunli…sakura… i think is 50-50 u just need to knoe how to counter u ennemis…like Cammy she poke alot…but u can easely do a gigaton blooww when she rushing u…trust me after she eat u super…she be calm lol hahahah!

As someone who plays Athena I have played a man Rog’s including Apoc’s. His biggest problem against Athena is that she can duck under his rush punch. An offensive mind Athena can almost destory a Rog if the person doesnt know what there doing. Alot of Rog’s game against Athena is based on his super lvl. If Rog has a lvl 3, Athena is almost gone, his super is so devastating to her and does so much damage its sick and the fact that its faster than a crouching short thats a fast damn super. Now if Rog does have at least a lvl 3 you generally have to play a more defensive style.

Also you maynot realize it but Joe also gives Rog alot of problems. Joes slide gives Rog shit fits.

i play balrog from time to time. i like him in a and c. he sounds good in p, except i suck at parrying, so i don’t use him in p. he’s good in k, i think i might start using him for a while.

anyhow, balrog’s ok without rc’ing, but he’s great with it. i personally don’t use rc as much as i used to (kinda sux against people who can’t rc), just once in a while, but i have to say balrog’s rcs are pretty good. but enough about that…

balrog’s fierce has craze range and is pretty damaging, but it kinda has to come out first before the opponent. if sagat fierces, i think most of the time he wins out against balrog. i like to use his low rush punch, or whatevs you call it (c.back, df+p). but against people who get hit when he normal rush punches, i just use that instead.

balrog gaurd crushes well. i just keep try to make them eat blocked strings, and if the opportunity comes i’ll bait them into a super. when they are about to be guard crushed soon, don’t be too anxious to gaurd crush them. when they see their gaurd meter blinking, most start to panic and either jump or roll, or whatever. use that to your advantage. chances are they might just keep eating hits here and there, and end up dizzy.

damn, balrog’s roll is fast, or it seems pretty damn fast. i luv his jump. his jump roundhouse seems to trade well against grounded opponents. if they don’t shoryuken or something, they’ll most likely trade, if you hit the button kinda early. oh yeah, and his lvl 1 super has some invincibility, against like jabs and shorts. something to keep in mind.

damn work, gotta go, hope any of this helped…

i have a question.

i was playing my cousin who was usin C-guile and all he did was c.rh all day. and i uhh, really couldnt do anything against that. (this was on xbox no RC) i really dont know the game thoroughly, like about frame data and stuff. any help will suffice.