Balrog Wake Up Options? (Gotta do something!)



At times when im playing with Balrog i find that when i get knocked down i don’t have the best wake up options, yeah i know balrog really hasn’t got any good wake up options, but when ur presssured in block string especially those players who just cross-up all the time, what do you tend to do? and what move do you feel is the safiest most effective way for Balrog to do when he gets up?


block. use c.LP to stuff anything that’s not a safe blockstring. Tech/block c.LP is all you really need. If you have issues with crossups and aren’t confident in blocking you can use tap, ex rush punches to escape stuff… maybe FADC.


Most of the time the safest option is backdashing/forward dashing (cross-ups)


The best thing to do is to block and be ready for and option select tech. If you get caught in a crossup string (lol than can happen) just gtfo with ex rush upper.

Once you can notice every time if the jump in will cross you up or not you can start with focus backdashing. If you guessed wrong you’re gonna dash right into their face and eat a fat combo tho.

Good thing is that option select throwing gets me free throws all the time against scrubs who think they can do crossups properly, so it’s another plus.


man how do i deal with el furtes body splash crossovers and kens cross over into kara throw?
i tried focus attacing out of elfuerte but els too fast


Thats actually counter-throwing standing, not option select throwing, for which you have to be ducking.Just to be correct :slight_smile: Counter-throwing is very dangerous as it leaves you standing and thus a big target for anything that hits low. option select throwing is still vulnerable to frametraps, but less overall.


Can’t speak much for Ken but if you’re being BodySlamSpammed (Most Elf’s like to give this a spin and see how much they can get away with it) then FocusDash is your friend, really. Doesn’t nessecarily matter wether he hits from front or back assuming you Focus properly as it’ll absorb the hit regardless - Obviously this gets trickier when mixed in with Tortilla Grabs as you can’t focus those but thankfully Balrog has a lot of room for guessing when it comes to Elfy.


how do i time it though? i only managed to do it 1 in 10… :sweat:
also i went with a fierce ex oh on ryu and he just done crouching hp and it beat me, i thought it suppose to absorb one hit?


This is my worst nightmare. I’ve always played locally (arcade and friends) and I never encountered this till I played SF4 online. So with no practice against this tactic, I find myself losing to this online frequently. This is extremely frustrating me because I will dominate the entire match and then they score 1 knockdown and I will be abused while waking up with crossovers. I’m slowly getting there but the only reason I’m playing online is to eventually render this tactic pointless by learning how to stuff it 100%.


It depends - I like to suss out the Fuerte first - Some of them get a kick out of spamming Tortilla Grabs seeing as a lot of players aren’t entirely sure how to combat them - Large majority of the time a well placed CFierce stuffs that nonsense then you can get in for pressure or back off for space as they’re landing. As for the Splash/Slides, Focus is your friend - Not sure about the rest (And Im no pro, just a casual, just so you know) I like to get it in quite early as some Fuerte’s will mix it with slides and if so, an early focus will be charged enough so you can release if you notice a slide in time for a crumple (May even catch Fuerte as he lands from splash assuming he a) landed in front of you and b) he didn’t back off before you released the focus) but ultimately I try not to crumple them that much in that way as if you miss you’re wide open for a punch in the teeth if they’re quick to react or at times the slide ends fast enough that they can throw you anyway.

75% of the time I usually backdash, especially if I managed to scare them from slides with a Focus Attack - Backdash if timed right will make the slide whiff entirely and allows you to sweep, combo or throw if you’re really quick enough - In a lot of cases a quick backdash and instant C.RH will sweep them as they land from the splash and leave you free to follow the knockdown however you want, also, so in most cases it’s a safer option though it wont help much if they love the crossup splashes as it may still hit you on BDash recovery if they went far enough (though it’s unlikely).

I’ve not played many Fuerte’s and the majority of them play the same so I may not be in a position to talk, but I did get a recording vs one - Problem is he loved Fajita Busters from walljumps which made things a little confusing for me and my poor reaction time, but in the end I started throwing out a lot more CFierces which either caught them on the way down and in some cases on the way up, too (Walkup CFierce caught him out quite a lot). Either way, Balrog has a lot of room for error in the guessing game as Fuerte’s damage is entirely based on low damage mixups shinanigins compared to only being able to last a handful of combos or clean hits from Balrog so just be patient and pay attention to what the Fuerte prefers to throw out and be sure to punish it or evade it every chance and if they find themselves trying to think of a new strategy be sure to be pressuring them the entire time they are doing so.

Keep a TAP charged as well - You can avoid a splash / slide if timed right and it’ll hit him square in the face or throw you across the screen to safety which isn’t a bad thing, either, though like focus attacks they wont save you from Tortilla/Fajita grabs or a well placed Ultra.


Light Headbutt > Mistimed Grabs
If they throw out diving grabs (Tortilla/Fajita) too late, a light headbutt should be at the right angle to clip them in midair air.

Fuerte Crossup-Splash > Balrog Headbutt
If the splash is non-crossup it may still beat headbutt but if it’s not a quick-splash then HB will send you to safety while they land behind you.

Guacamole Drop > Headbutt
I often love trying a TAP>EX HB against people I’ve been throw-lucky with - However, like Bison Headstomps, it loses to Guacamole Drop so if they use this on wakeup (One of their relatively stable wakeup options) it’ll catch you out for free damage.

Balrog Backdash > Fuerte Slide
Unless you slide too soon, the slide will whiff and assuming you’re quick enough you can punish it or, at worst, get away. If you’re too slow you’ll eat a throw or miss an opportunity to get some damage in.

Fajita/Tortilla > Focus / Backdash
Most Fuerte’s just spam what works over and over again, usually splashes - Once it doesn’t work they often resort to the next. If you’re playing someone who ISN’T that predictable then you’ll probably end up backdashing/focussing right into a Fajita/Tortillagrab or even a timed slide at some stage though if you held the focus then the slide won’t work.

DownFierce > Grabs & Mistimed Splashes
Be quick with it, Fuerte is fast meaning you have to be a bit more predictive with your AA but if you see something coming then a speedy AA will often stuff it. It’s different when you’ve been knocked down but if you’re on the ground, moving, and have the freedom to react then you can downfierce a lot of his non-crossup options, mostly the throw based.

Jump / Backdash / Forward Dash / Headbutt > Flying Giga Buster
Assuming you’re on the ground, that is. If you’re midjump and they can aim the ultra, your chin is going to hit the deck with extreme prejudice and probably a lost round. Otherwise, his Ultra is pathetically easy to avoid.

In the movie you see me try to jump OVER him on Wakeup WITH his Ultra, this didn’t work out too well for me as he goes into the air, stopping you going over him, and you basically invite him to freely land on your shoulders seeing as you both fall down together while stuck infront of him - Avoid this at all costs.

A timed TAP can be used on reaction to hit Fuerte in the face during slides and some splashes though it’s riskier versus splashes and quite tight with the slides - It’s still good to keep one charged for escapes or unloading free high damage on any Fuerte who loves spamming focus attacks to bait dash punches.

Hope that helps somehow.

You should check SF4Dojo and look at the Balrog v Fuerte movie list to see if any of those help, too.

Note: I do not claim that the above advice is all correct, I have limited experience though thats just how it panned out during fights or in the movie - For all I know most of it could have just been plain luck.


Ok… Is there anyway to avoid a seemingly PERFECT timed jumping medium kick crossover from Ken or Ryu while waking up? I’ve tried blocking, dashing, absorbing and it just seems like nothing works. I’ve put more effort in not allowing them to score a knockdown since I can’t seem to prefect this. This is the only thing I’m having trouble with and any help would be amazing.


Hate to be blunt but you can block no problem assuming you know the direction of the blow and block the right way. A lot of players make it blatantly obvious they’re going for the crossup in which case you just hold the appropriate direction to block then try your luck with an absorb / backdash / jab stuff / continue blocking / throw-tech from there. Only time I get grief with this is if the player seemingly randomly jumps in (good timing but unclear direction) or knows how to mix the directions up then I’m likely to eat at least 1-2:5 of the crossups as Balrog is a chunky bloke and it’s not always obvious where the player is going to hit you.


I’ve been trying to block but maybe I’m just not reacting fast enough. It could be that even though I block in the right direction, I might not be getting the standing part of it out correctly since I’ve only been playing with the square gate for about a month. I’m used to the octo-gate and I had a problem with pushing up to far and jumping when I was doing dragon punch commands. Might have just over compensated…


Ahhh well that stuff goes weeeeeeeeee over my head seeing as I’m a Keyboarder, wouldn’t know any stick/controller issues outside of the Board, really, but yes that can happen at times - There’ll always be an occasion where I eat damage purely because I failed to let go of down from time to time :wink: Though perfectly timed or not, assuming you’re not crouched and you’re blocking the correct direction, you should be fine!


my vote is for the FA dash