This is a Picture of Balrog I made in Illustrator, and a little Photoshop. I’m more of a penciler, but …eh. It’s a lot better looking when its high quailty, damn file size limitations on SRK.

Thats Uh…thats M. Bison last time I cheacked but I could be worng but my games don’t think so. Why do you have the worng name down???

shut the fuck up. unless you’re in japan don’t call him m. bison. it makes you sound like a fag. yes we all know the bison vega balrog thing and we all know it’s not really akuma. shut the fuck up. it’s balrog you fucking fuck bag i hate you burn in hell

Well I guess that it never dawned on you that I’M IN JAPAN OR I JAPANESE AND I JUST CAME TO THE UNITED STATES NOT TO LONG AGO damn gimmie a break I don’t know everything isn’t it ovious, now than you burn in hell, with tube socks and a remote fucking dickhead.:bluu:


STFU fuggin bitch. You make no fucking sense what so ever and everyone hates you…

lol your a funnie guy, can you draw as good as your jokes???

Probably better than your DBZ paint shit. I wipe my ass with better paper than you draw on… and that wasnt a joke so I dont see why your laughing out loud right now…