Balrog's headbutt into ultra?


Kind of frustrating i’ve been trying it for hours,is this correct,

down back,up back then input the ultra?


Down/back, up/back, forward, back, forward, 3xP or 3xK, that’s right.

Use the kicks more than the punches, because you normally want to use kick, punch, kick, kick to get full damage off of your juggle.


This is probably bad advice, but here is how I started landing it reliably in training stage: db qc to ub/punch immediate qc back to db. Then the ultra.

Other poster is right, k/p/k/k/k is the safest.


Just make sure that you are constantly holding the stick backwards for the headbutt because if it comes off of back even a little you won’t get the ultra out.

Also if you try it too fast it wont come out either, you have loads of time to wait as he falls after the headbutt hits.


Charge downback to upback, pause half a moment then while still holding back do the ultra motion

After the ultra flash, press kick, punch, kick, kick, kick (Ultra Edition has you choose the punch or kick ender but the punch ender doesn’t juggle)

P.S. Activate Ultra with kicks as it comes out slightly faster

Source: Rog Main


Another addition, if you do it in the corner start the ultra with punches as apposed to kicks.

Do punch, kick, punch, kick, kick. I think that juggles better in the corner and gives you the most damage.


No it doesn’t. Your combo does around 40-50 points LESS damage then the usual. If you want max damage you whiff the second attack, not the third. PPKKK is only used for characters who whiff from the usual one i.e the huge characters and Poison. Any other time you use KPKKK (or if you’re really craving the most damage KPKPK)


In the corner you can’t start with kicks or it doesn’t juggle properly so you have to start with punches no? Or have they changed that since I last played him?


Balrog’s Ultra juggle has been the same since Vanilla. You’d use KPKKK for maximum damage anywhere on the screen. For a small chunk of the characters however, when using the usual KPKKK in the corner, Balrog will “slide” past the character in the air, making him whiff the rest of the attack. So to get around this, instead of starting off with kick, you’d start off with punch and execute the rest of the combo as usual. The characters that this is done on are usually the big characters (Balrog, Honda, Zangief, Hakan, Hugo, for some reason Poison). Otherwise use KPKKK.