Balrogs in Top 16



Where were you…?


As I’ve been telling people they can say Balrog is easy all they want but that guy is very had to win with and tournament results prove it every time.

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Balrog struggles to people who hold down back and crouch tech well.
That said, no top 16 appearance means no Balrog played him properly. He can keep people out so easily and out patient everyone.


While someone that is good at teching can cause some issues as it makes it hard to open then up, rog really does not seem to need to rely on throws. Rog doesnt really seems to be someone that need mixups to win since well, he has none. We all still get thrown and no one techs if you pressure them enough. Top players still get thrown all the time despite them mashing on tech.

I watched a lot of the evo stream and while I am a new rog, I did not really see any rogs that I would call good.  I saw a keno match which was great and 1 dnyce? match and he seemed like he knew rog well.  Top 16  has shown us that ssf4 is pretty balanced and there is no doubt a char like rog can take it just as easy as the rest.  We see all the big names with various mains there, they just dont play rog.

Do people feel like rog needs his jab pressure/throw mix up game to win? I dont main rog, he is only an alt that I am working on so some of this may not be correct.


Rog’s main problem is having no mixups. When someone gets the lead on you he doesn’t have a way to take it back which is very important in tournament play. He has to be given the lead back by his opponent which is not something you want to rely on.


He can create extreme pressure though - that’s the trade off.
Balrog can always come back - hit confirm from one jab can lead to damage, stun, a knockdown… It’s hardly difficult to land a c.lp, then pressure more.
Balrog can come back - it’s just not as easy as it would be if he had an overhead that was viable. Just a LP/LK overhead that leaves you 0 on hit, -1 on block. No combos, just that ability to hit someone crouching without jumping.


Mashing on crouching jab is not extreme pressure. You can block it high or low and ALL he can do with that is throw or…throw. He has 0 ways to trick his opponent which is why you’ll never see him win a major unless the Rog can make it through the tournament always maintaining a lead in each match. A fairly unrealistic scenario. As I said before to make a comeback with Rog it has to be given to you. You can’t take it back. It’s the main downfall of the character more so then his limited wake up options.


Thats true, but at the same time rog has great defense and above average life. Jabs, dash punches control space well from the right distance, and a great anti air really helps him. People fear starting and offense just because his jab really is just that good and leads to decent damage. Lots of the cast lack a comeback ability such as guile and bison, but they are still considered up there in tiers. Rog has his turtle game that kind of offsets his low comback ability. Most of the defensive cast does not have the kind of damage rog has in the first place.

Do you think his lack of tools to make a comback hurts rog that much even with his great defensive game?


Yes I do. Other then jab dash punches he doesn’t really have any safe chip option and even the dash punch can be punished by a great deal of the cast if done too deeply. That and the fact that focus attack will eat them up as well. Bison can scissor kick safely from pretty much every range and he has crossups. Guile also has a crossup (not a great one but it is there) and he can keep you on your toes with sonic booms even when he’s losing. It may sound like i’m saying Rog is garbage but i’m not. I just want to point out that he has glaring flaws which I think will prevent him from ever really winning a major tournament. The ability to make your opponent guess plays a huge part in tournament play and Rog just doesn’t have that option.


America has no good Balrogs


I’d like to know the country where the good Balrogs are located.


This pretty much matched what I noticed during every rog match I saw. Rog more or less has a solid answer to a lot of stuff but he’s really predictable with those answers. And everybody and their grandma is familiar with the match up. It just doesn’t seem like he has that spontaneity that Rufus, Viper, Ryu etc. have. I could be totally wrong and have only seen mediocre Balrogs but it really feels that way to me.


Why is rog ranked soo high when there are no real amazing rogs in the first place?? They don’t win major tournys. Pamyu is good but there’s no godlike rog that I know of (please correct me if i’m wrong)


i honestly expected jwong to pull out rog during his struggles…rog/gief is more even than rufus/gief, and balrog didn’t seem like a bad choice against adon. also after he said rufus and rog were the top two characters in the game, i had hope to see his rog again


The worst thing about Rog is that he is very limited. EVERYONE knows the Rog match up after playing against one. Others might be more solid, but the playstyle is mostly the same. Though he is a great character and can carry you through mid level play, in high level he falls short with the lack of mix up.


This is pretty much correct. Rog is extremely dominant up until high level play when he becomes too predictable and his weaknesses like bad wake up game and lack of real mix ups become all too apparent.


To me what it is mostly is that there are few top players who play balrog. It’s not the character it’s the player. It’s up to us to up our game. Balrog is already dominant, we just have ot take him there.


It is what is is dude. No mixups = depending on the other player to let you win instead of forcing the issue. If you get hit with 2 combos and the other guy decided to hold down-back for the rest of the match what are you really gonna do?


I wouldn’t take the lack of representation in the top 16 to mean there’s anything wrong with Balrog. There were no Abels, Vipers or Bisons in the top 16 either, but they’re all still considered good characters.

It is surprising that there were no Rogs in the top 32, but it’s not impossible. Besides Keno and PR Balrog, I can’t really think of too many Rog mains in Super.


I don’t think anyone has said he is a bad character. It’s just he has glaring weaknesses that will make it extremely hard for him to consistantly place high at tournaments with a lot of skilled players in attendance. No mixups and limited wakeup options is not something you associate with top tier characters.