Balrogs new costume

So i was wondering what everyone thought about it, i like the clothes and deffinately the gloves, but the hair is ehh. Im undecided about the hair

I can learn to like it, i love the jacket, the glasses and the gloves, but just like you can’t get around the hair. Balrog’s hair is too iconic to mess with, it’s already out there and unique. They could have just kept the extra details they added and remove those braids, it would be perfect.

Or something like this

Could someone provide a link to a source showing Balrog’s new outfit?
I’ve only really managed to see one alt costume so far, and it wasn’t the Rogsters :confused:

Yeah sure thing Ropedrink, here’s the youtube link to the video showing all the latest features: [media=youtube]EgHKUP1Spmc[/media]

In general, I don’t like the costume more than I like it.

The sports costume is ok, gloves meh, glasses+hair = real downer.

i think they should of change his hair from braids, to his old with with graphics. IDK might just be me that thinks that would be decent though.

Thanks Alcarion - I don’t mind it, actually, though I can’t help agree’ing with everyone about his hair, it’s just so unsuiting… Still, it looks like Balrog finally got paid if he’s packing out that bling MrT style.
Either way, costumes always have been a matter of personal preference and taste - I’d likely use the #3 costume once in a while but his current alternate costume in SF4 is still my favourite.

i dont like it.

It’s fucking awesome, best alt costume I’ve seen so far. I think it suits his character incredibly well.

I like it a lot.

It’s ok in its own unique kind of way (just because its my avatar doesn’t mean I’m partial to it, just wanted something new). But everything that I’ve seen most recently from the new SSF IV footage looks SO over the top that its TOO comical, and comes across as silly. You know the exaggerated facial effects were a hit in sf iv, but now they go and alter things like the man’s hair? I actually pondered the possibility of a Balrog with cornrows or something, but they’ve gone so cartoonish I don’t think the dev’s are worried much about sticking to iconic characteristics like Rog’s hair or missing tooth (earlier games perhaps?). I’m disappointed in just about all of the new costumes I saw, but Balrog’s was by far not even close to one of the worst (Zangief’s anybody?). So in that sense, I like it just because they could have made it as horrendous as some of the others. How many different ways can you portray a money hungry boxer anyhow? I mean you got his boxing trunks, his ring entrance get up, and now his fight money riddled outfit. I’m just glad he’s not made out of metal.

Must say I mostly agree with you on the OTT’ness, moreso the other things, not just the costumes. I’m actually somewhat dismayed by some of the new Ultras… I mean, yay, new Ultra options, but going by the footage so far, I wager 75% of the new Ultras will last four times longer, animation wise, than the ones we have currently which is totally laughable - Cody’s and Ken’s seemed to go on for bloody AGES, in comparison to Ryu’s new one which is a nice representation of his classic ShinShoryu (Or whatever it’s called), or even FeiLongs OneInch Punch, short and sweet.

This is how I would like Boxer to look in the new costume:

Minus the glasses and new hairdo.

Ropedrink, you hit the nail on the head my friend. You know exactly what I’m talking about. I’d rather them have reguritated old Supers from third strike and the Alpha series than to see them turn Gouki into an Akumacopter knocking the person through a giant Japanese symbol in the air, and Cody hitting Ryu further than I can drive a golf ball. But I know this thread isn’t about the Ultras, its about the costumes. But we’ve seen more footage of Ultras than most anything and it says a lot, stylistically, about the game and like Balrog’s new outfit, its mostly done in bad taste. (Mostly being the key word, some of the stuff is badass)

Exactly, bud. Only reason the Ultra’s are being mentioned is down to it being another representation of the MANY ways that SSF4 can really take this game over the top completely. Costumes are things we can choose to use, ourselves, and thankfully I enjoy Balrogs #2 Costume in SF4 as it is, so I’ll likely stick to that and maybe use the new one once in a while as I don’t think it’s too bad, especially not in comparison to some of the other characters OTT suits. Still, I hope things get toned down just a little bit because as snazzy and as fancy as it all is, SSF4 is looking very VERY Cartoonish - You’re right about Cody’s Ultra… I mean, come on… It looks like something we’d see on one of the 5min episodes of Road Runner or Tom & Jerry :wink:

agree with above I think the hair is a bit off, the original is better. But one think to cheer about is that balrog… he FINALLY GOT PAID!!!

He used his fight money, awesome. I just don’t like the hair D:

I dont know, i like it, and i like the fact that they were willing to change his hair, i love the “risks” that they are taking with most of the new alts. I think its good that they were willing to change something as “iconic” as balrogs hair, the girls should have gotten new hairdo’s as well.

the alpha games where just as zany.

Balrog is gangsta now. At least he aint a nigga’s nigga meaning…

Now thats a nigga.