Balrog's SF4 Ending (spoiler)

The last time Balrog’s ending was discussed, it derailed into a weird theory about Abel that didn’t entirely make sense. The thread was closed and it was suggested that the topic be taken to the fan fiction subforum.

And so here I am.

For the sake of posterity, let’s recount Balrog’s ending. He defeats Seth, the building is collapsing, a young boy exhibits some strange powers, and for whatever reason, Balrog is inspired to rescue him.

I’m not entirely sure what Balrog’s motivations were in rescuing the child. Maybe he thought he could use his powers. Maybe he was going to blackmail Bison with him. Who knows? One thing I am fairly certain of, though, is this: that boy is Q.

The boy/girl is a genetic construct imbued with psycho power potential. Balrog has established that he is a fleecing money whore, his ending has him either planning to sell the construct on the black market as a biological weapon or give it to Bison for a bonus.

The boy/girl is too young to be Q. Q could actually be one of the Seth clones if not Seth himself.

Actually Claw and Boxer were there to steal stuff from S.I.N. because they’re part of the Old Shadoloo.

And they were doing it for Vega (M.Bison). So While Claw got out with plans, the Boxer got out with the Boy. He’s not blackmailing Vega, he’s bringing the boy back to him probably…

Although I must confess, the ending does have some pedophillic subtext. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Then again, a Dictator with an army of 16 year old super girls, who doesn’t mind being in a body of a girl as well is equally eerie.

Maybe he’s like, “Oooh, If I’m in a girls body, think of all the Free Looks I can havez0rxx!”

The pervert.

All I know is that I loved seeing him rifling through filing cabinets while wearing the boxing gloves.

Neither his age nor the age of the youth is given, so I can’t accept this as conclusive. Personally, I think SF4 is going to annihilate the Street Fighter timeline continuity.

This is a dopey example, but the first connection made in my head is that Q uses dash punches similar to Balrog’s (actually Q had the overhead first). While I don’t see Balrog as a father figure who’d train a child to fight like him, my theory is that during Q’s time with Balrog, he observed him fight, and the style was imprinted on him.

The one resemblence to Seth I’d point out is how in Abel’s ending Seth dies standing up, similar to how Q “breaks down” when KO’d by a light attack.

I agree with this . Most of the moves from Q are similar to Balrog anyways . Other then being slow , armor lovable , and having certain scratch moves and hammer swipe supers , I cannot tell a difference between Q stuff with Balrog .

is street fighter 4 actually suposed to be before 3?
the kid reminds me of ingrid from alpha max 3 on the psp.

No SFIV is after SF Alpha 3 Max and I think the kid is a boy, some speculate he is Cain, an altogether new character with powers of M.Bison, Abel and Seth.

He is NOT Gill. According to Dudley’s prologue, his car has already been stolen by the Illuminati and so Gill must be in existence as a leader behind the scenes keeping quiet.