Balrog's Super VS Elena



awhile ago i played against an elena player and i was about to chip-kill her with balrog’s super.
he interrupted the super with a mashed ultra and won the round.
i went to the training to verify what i just witnessed and it was true… she can do it.

so far elena is the only character who can do this and this because of stupid hurtbox. capcom needs to fix this.
spread the word!!!


Actually almost everyone can do it. There’s a gap between the last two hits of Rog’s Super and Ultra that anyone can reversal through. You just need a move with enough strike invincible frames.

Edit: nevermind. I was thinking ultra1. XD


This is still true, against the entire cast (except Elena) Super and U1 are block strings UNTIL the final hit, but elena low profiles the straights, so it’s not a block string after the first or second hit. U1 can be made a whole block string if you end with the straight though (I haven’t tested it recently, but i remember this being true).


Woaaaaaah is there a gap in the super normally for the last hit?
I thought it was true and just U1 that isn’t a blockstring(pending PPP test)

Also going to investigate finding a true blockstring into ultra1 but can only think jump back fierce.


Test it out. I don’t believe there are any practical true block strings into Ultra 1. You’d need to be 100% sure you were at least +11 on block and then hit with uppers (since they’d have to block it standing) and end with straights. It’d also need to be jump back fierce in the corner because getting the back-charge to start the U1 ASAP to use the +10 frame advantage is going to be almost impossible mid-screen unless you get some help from an ultra freeze (but then why the block string).

The ONLY block strings that i feel are practical and should be used are for super: e.g. TAP xx super, xx super, cr.lp xx lp.ds xx super etc. ALL true block strings. You can get upwards of 75-150 or so of chip damage, high level TAPS into super give the most chip damage, but are the easiest to punish on reaction (the TAP), cr.lp xx lp.ds xx super gives the least chip but is the best since its 3f to chip, they block the jab, you get guaranteed chip.


Yeah, I made a post about how she fell out of my ultra before after landing the first two hits. Her hurt box is pretty wonky.