Balrog's turn around punch followups?

Okay I been looking around this forum but I realised this has not been really touched on. I seen in some matches where the player can do a turnaround punch followed by another turn around punch almost immediately…:wonder:(the 2nd turn around punch is sometimes an EX version)

I seen Crackfiend did a similar combo like this during EVO but it seem to be like a turn around punch followed by a LP and a Dash straight…

I saw Gootecks doing a turn around punch followed by a headbutt…

I been trying to do this in training mode but I dont have any luck…can anyone here enlighten me?:rofl:

People should really read through the stickies. They are full of information and helpful links!

( link found in Balrog Beginners Guide sticky )

There is no such thing as an EX TAP.

Hmm thats weird I did look through the beginners guide but did not see this. But anyway Okay sorry about that.

Close this thread :rofl:

EX tap doesn’t exist.

The only thing that will combo after a TAP is balrog’s super.

If by follow up you mean “what can i do after a TAP”…well, you can do anything, from blocking to throwing out a random ultra or headbutt…but they’ll be able to block it.

Most scrubs (hell, even in g1) will try to throw out a poke after a blocked TAP so you can EX headbutt them and juggle with ultra. Normal headbutt won’t work as they’ll hit you out of it most of the times. Any ex rush punches also work most of the times.

counter hit TAP -> dash punch combos

I know you can sometimes combo c.lp after Level 1 TAP, but I’m not sure about how it works on what characters, or if it has to be a counter hit or what. I just know I’ve landed it against people.

Yup, it must be a counterhit in order to link into c.lp.

lmao how do you ex-tap. Hold all six buttons?

Higher lvl tap = more recovery time. And lvl1 is only +2 on hit so you won’t be comboing anything unless it counter hits

Another thing is that if your opponent blocks the TAP you can focus cancel it. It might catch some off guard because I almost never see it done.

I was under the impression that if you land a very meaty lv1TAP you could link a jab?

lmfao I do non-stop TAP’s sometimes online for fun. It actually works vs a lot of people since they have no clue what’s going on at first LOL

I think I checked the recovery for it on eventhubs to see if they’re just retarded or if there’s some actual shit behind it, and the lvl1 is -2 so yeah it’s pretty fun

god bless shitty online where stupid shit works on you as well as the other guy

OT, but I’ve done

OH blow > xx OH blow > xx HB > Ultra online.

you know what’s good? meaty c. forward, c. jab, c. short xx fierce HB, Ultra

Oh, and I am retarded, cause last night I realized the fierce HB doesn’t whiff vs anyone (I don’t think). I used to use strong cause I use a garbage ass PS3 controller, which has my fierce attacks as the triggers, and so sometimes my HB would whiff. Last night I’m doing challenges for fun, and I noticed the fierce doesn’t whiff even on short characters like Blanka and I was like wow took me this long haha

fuck i hate PSN and PS3 controller oh well

edit: my last pointless post deleted

If Blanka is crouching it whiffs.

And whenever I fight a good one they are in crouch 80% of the time :sad:

But blocked TAP > EX HB works sometimes