Baltimore, Maryland BI-WEEKLY RANBATS @ Xanadu Games Chapter I : Feb. 6, 2010

Edit: This tournament has been canceled on account of the tremendous amount of snow rushing down Baltimore. We will keep you guys posted with rescheduled ranbat information as soon as we know.


I just came.

Edit: Yo Seth, I’m currently working on a Head-to-Head xbox360 set-up. ( with two asus monitors)

If you’re interested We could totally run a head-to-head for either tekken or Sf4.

Let me know.

wasn’t the last tournament we had the first ranbat??

I saw people getting money, not points. shrug

let’s make it happen for HDR!

may have to make that hike up to baltimore for this

I like how you Marylanders complain about the hike.

Last tournament was a monthly one shot. It was NOT ranbats. Feb 6th is the start of the ranbats so its SEASON 1, GAME 1.

Come out and show us what you got maryland.

I rated this thread 5/5 :tup:

Me too!

I like me for 1st at the end of the season for GGXX. Stipulation : the official tournament standard of < 5 hits. Giving odds to those who oppose.


I’m gonna record the GGAC tournament!


9 days!

LoL Steve H will Money Match ANYONE in Aliens Vs. Predator the side scrolling beat em up.

He says he can beat the game with 1 credit. ANYONE HAVE THE ROCKS to take him up on this offer?

Can’t wait to see what happens.

I see 247 views in this thread, so I expect to see the place packed with 247 people.

I’m down to head up to this. Definitely wanna try Melty Blood.

I’d run a MB ranbat. Maybe just to spite the local scene. They said that driving up to Bmore is too much for them to do twice a month. Though, if I do run MB for them, they would only have to do one 2fer, then the other two months they can go once each, and they can still take 1st for the season. assuming they take first at every ranbat the come for.

that’s…dedication…where’s the MB scene even mainly at in this area?

uh anyway I’ll finally be going to XG this weekend. so I expect to be playing a lot of random crap.

why no tvc?